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Does the brand of flour make a difference?


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Does the brand of flour make a difference?

Kajikit | Jul 14, 2009 06:22 AM

I've always bought the cheapest flour I can on the principle that flour is flour and it'll all turn out the same in the end... my baked goods turn out just fine. Last weekend I bought flour at BJs instead of Albertsons and they sell King Arthur flour, which is a more expensive name-brand... I bought a bag, brought it home and made some biscuits for lunch using just the same recipe that I always do - and they were DELICIOUS! I have to try it in a cake, but I think I'm a convert... the King Arthur flour costs a bit more than store brand ($6.50 for 10lbs vs $2.50 for 5) but if it really does bake up better it'll be worth it.

So what's your experience? What brand and/or type of flour do you prefer to use in your cooking? Do you think that it makes a difference to use cheaper/more expensive flour?

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