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phelana | Sep 7, 200904:38 AM

It's been many years since my family and I visited Bramble Inn. We were frequent visitors in the past for lunches. Their clam chowder was incredible and of course the charming setting on historic 6A/Kings Hwy was perfect. Jillian has wanted to go visit but I had a chance to jump start by going with my Mom who wanted to treat my daughter and I to dinner. We had a 5 30 res on Sunday. When we arrived I called my daughter to see if she was on her way but there was a delay and could not make it. As we entered the hostess asked for our name and I then told her it would be a deuce not 3 people. She whisked us into the nearby dining room, very coldly said have a nice meal. She then proceeded to head back but needed to wait a few seconds for my 86 year young Mom to clear the doorway. As she passed she gave my Mom a odd grimace as Mom passed. I felt the reception was poor and having been in the hospitality industry I was less than happy. I excused myself and went over and politely and privately asked the hostess if there was something wrong or was there some problem. At that point a male waiter came to witness the conversation. She looked utterly confused and said she had no idea what I was referring to. I returned and tried to shake off the entire cold reception. In short friends she was completely rude. A quiet girl came and served bread. Then a lovely friendly waitress told us the specials and took our drink order. We asked about the early dining special and she said she would explain after. We had no napkins so asked for two as we were starting to eat the bread. It was one slice of sourdough, quite nice with fresh unsalted butter. The napkins never came and the special was not explained but we could read it on the menu and got the jist of it. The wine came for mom, a pinot noir (9) and her salad. The waitress served the wine to me but I told her I was getting the sparkling water. No bigge. The water came a bit later and was the blue bottle Ty something from Wales.

I should explain the setting. there are several dining rooms much like the Regatta in Cotuit. It was bright and airy. The front dining room was filling up. A couple was seated behind us after we were seated. I am not too fond of perfume and was now faced with another situation. The woman's fragrance was so strong I had a hard time enjoying my meal when it came later. Things were not going my way.

The menu was lovely. They have a bar bite menu if you choose to sit at the high top chairs, 4 I think at the bar and two high top tables with two chairs on each. The menu is online and looks great. The bar is small and is the entry way where guests come and go so I would grab the window table if I dined in that room. Our menu had lovely apps. Mom chose the salmon BLT. I do not eat meat and was not fond of the fish/seafood selections so asked the server what she recommended from the special dishes. She suggested the lobster / chicken dish (48). It appeared similar to the dish I had at 28 Atlantic last week so was ready to try again. Food came and was hot and delicious. The presentation artful. Whilst the evening was spotting, the food shines at Bramble Inn. Mom's salmon looked great and she loved it. My dish had a lobster tail and one claw, 6 slices of chicken ( I brought home for my daughter but had a bite and it was great), buttermilk mashed potatoes and a lovely gravy. I was not able to finish but enjoyed the dish. A veggie would have been nice. Mom's dish did not come with a starch so she ordered the special fries. She said they were to die for. I passed. The waitress came over once early on and then passed a few times with a watchful eye. She never re poured my sparking water which was fine but is always done at other fine dining spots. Oh our napkins came after we asked again early on. Again, the server was very nice, just a bit forgetful perhaps?

Towards the end of the meal a couple arrived to sit in our dining room at a table for 6. They were very loud in a pleasant way. Their friends joined adding to the crescendo of noise. At this time my Mom could not hear me speak. The couple with the strong perfume called the waitress and was moved to another dining room. The conversation was incredible.

Mom had a junior parfait which came with the early dining menu (the entree must be under 30 and then the item is 25 including a salad and parfait. She loved her vanilla gelatto and caramel sauce. I had a spoon and loved it. She opted to pass on coffee and I just wanted out as my head was pounding. The 3rd couple had come and taken over the entire dining room with chat.

The bill was 99.86 so 120 with tip.

One mention, as we were eating bread the hostess came over and leaned down and apologized to us. She said something about moving having to change tables and did not want our evening ruined. Mom was confused as she had no idea what transpired and I did not want to ruin her reception as she was so excited to be dining at Bramble. I then had to take the time to explain to Mom what happened. I did appreciate the apology but the start of what was supposed to be a special night certainly dimmed my mood for the entire evening.

In short the food is exceptional. The setting perfectly divine. The service is spotty and well, I just had bad luck. If I were the hostess I would put a table of 6 in one of the small dining rooms alone or in the larger dining room. Our dinner was 3.4 done so did not want nor did I feel comfy asking to move after the other couple did..we just grinned and went on in silence.

Jillian, I think I will pass and ask, may we try another spot for our girls night?

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