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No BPA's in Sodaclub.com hard plastic bottles

applehome | Apr 22, 200810:01 PM

Just in case anybody else was concerned with regard to this new National Toxicology Program report that pretty much confirms that Bisphenol-A, used in hard plastic polycarbonate bottles may lead to tissue changes, I emailed sodaclub.com and they assured me that their bottles are made from PET, not polycarbonate. Nalgene water bottles and Playtex baby bottles are among the ones that use polycarbonate. Both companies have announced plans to shift away from that material. If you see the triangle-7 mark, it could be polycarbonate (although it could also be ABS). I saw the mark on the bottom of the sodaclub.com bottle and thought I'd ask them about it. As it turns out, the triangle-7 only applies to the glued-on "frog" which connects to the external protector piece. The frog is made from ABS. The bottle itself has a triangle-1.

In any case, it's another one of those really far-fetched connections. If you inject Bisphenol-A into mice they develop tissue changes. They never even found a case of cancer on those mice, but they suspect that these tissue changes could lead to such. Absolutely no testing has been done based on human ingestion. Nevertheless, Bisphenol-A is a hormone, and it's probably a good idea to eliminate it from one's diet.

Here's an article about the NTP report.


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