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Bouncing page/automatically refreshing

dmjordan | Mar 5, 201405:54 AM

As I went to read some posts today, I remembered why I have hardly been on Chowhound in the last couple of months.
I primarily use my iPad mini to access Chowhound. When I click to read a post or hit the back button, the text "bounces" all over the page while it is loading. What I mean by that is for 5-8 seconds the text appears in different places on the screen. At first it's where it should be then it bounces to the bottom of the screen, then to the middle, etc. the the text gets really tiny before returning to normal size. Doesn't sound like a big deal but 8 seconds is a long time when you're waiting for a page to stop reloading!

Also, even more annoying, is that my page will refresh itself every 50-60 seconds and it takes you to the bottom of the page. I know new posts are not being added, but I don't think that matters anyway. I was reading a thread that had almost 300 posts and every minute I had to try to find where I left off.

One last issue, although minor compared to the last one. When I use the back button to return to the listing of threads, it used to open where I left off. So if I was near the bottom of the list, it would take me back to the bottom. Now it takes me back to the top and I have to scroll through 100 threads to get back to where I was.

Any help would be appreciated. I miss Chowhound!

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