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Bouley Bakery (again!)


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Bouley Bakery (again!)

Stephen | Dec 13, 1999 02:46 PM

I was not going to post this, as I feel that a word to the management is a more useful method. But having read the 'Worst meal of my life thread' I have to relate my experience. My wife and I went for our anniversary a few weeks back and we had a very poor experience. As seems to be the case for others, we waited 50 minutes for our table. After they had called us to confirm the time of our reservation earlier that day. They offered us a drink in compensation which we finally took at our table. I had to ask three times for a wine list. The staff attempted to remove my wine glass on three separate occasions, instead of pouring more wine. The food was good but not exceptional. Dessert took 40 minutes and when they realised the mistake, did in fairness send sorbet to hold us over. When the check arrived we had been charged for our complimentary drinks and a miscellaneous wine charge had appeared for $30. I queried it and was told 'I dont know what you had but there is a chit for it'. I mentioned that as we were only two, how much more wine did they think we had consumed above the Chablis that we were already being billed for. 'I dont know but there is a record of it Sir' came the reply. At this point I lost my temper a little and probably ruined the waiters' evening. The offending charges were removed and the Maitre' d arrived. He enquired what had happened, but amazingly offered no apology. Our evening was a great disappointment. I have to say that my two experiences at Bouley were incredible so I am not a David Bouley hater. I will not go back.

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