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Bone Broth/Veggie/Lentil/Meat Stew is Awful :( Why?

lisaleira | Feb 17, 201605:52 AM     90

Hi Chowies,

I seek your wisdom. I put so many good ingredients (at least so I thought) in a stew in my pressure cooker and it tastes so awful. It's not the first time it's happened and it's frustrating so I thought I'd ask if anyone here might be able to see what I did wrong or if perhaps the issue was one of the ingredients. Trying to decide if I should throw it out or add something to it?

Okay here's what went down:

1) Ingredients: I wanted to make something to sort of use up everything that was hanging around:

A lot of stuff from the freezer-
- frozen steamed cauliflower (I had steamed then frozen for use later),
- bone broth (bought from a NY service called udder milk),
- frozen lamb (raw, ground),
- frozen raw broccoli rabe (the kind you buy frozen in a bag).
- old carrots in the fridge, quite old but still normal looking and tasting.
- onion garlic spices
- lentils and rice.

2) In Instant pot pressure cooker, used Saute function to sauted onions garlic and spices in butter. I know there is nothing wrong with the spices, I use them all the time and it turns out yummy, cumin turmeric mustard seed coriander seed, a lot of garlic but just one onion. So problem couldn't be there.

3) Then just added ingredients slowly along with liquid:
- added broccoli rabe (frozen but separated) and a little water, mixed it with the spices.
- then added lentils (which had been soaked a long time-- maybe they went bad?), mixed it with spices, adding liquid.
- then defrosted and pureed the cauliflower, thinking it could make a sort of thickish sauce, added that.
- then added chopped carrots.
- then added the bone broth (I am wondering if this damn bone broth is the source of the yucky flavor).

4) I pressure cooked that and when it was done, it just smelled and tasted horrible! Like some terrible sour tang. The only thing I can think that could give it this awful flavor at this point is bone broth. Is bone broth that awful? Oy Vey.

5) then I added rice and lamb hoping to add some good flavor or hide the bad flavor. But still bad, just more distributed.

So, what do you think? Why so bad? Does cauliflower taste disgusting and sour after it has been cooked and frozen a long time? Is bone broth just fated to make all dishes gross? Did I need more of some fat or creamy thing to make it taste good, like yogurt or cream or something? It was only about a tablespoon of butter. And it turned into quite a large dish so maybe it just needed more oil.

The sour taste is kind of scary and makes me feel I shouldn't try a tastier way to eat it, but it seems sad to dump these ingredients. I was thinking when eating it, to first sautee onions garlic and tomatoes and more spices, add something creamy, and then add some of this stew. But what if something in it is bad and that's why it tastes so bad? Maybe this whole bone broth fad is a big scam.

Okay... if anyone has been here before... or just wants to share what they might do in such a situation.. gratitude from a confused lil chowie in nyc...

merci y'all


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