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Black's, Lockhart - First Visit


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Black's, Lockhart - First Visit

bishopsbitter | Aug 4, 2008 04:50 AM

I will be the first to admit that having lived 65 miles west of Houston for over 2 years I have been extremely tardy in checking off the Holy Shrines of BBQ which are relatively close by between my home and Austin.

So finally this weekend (having to make a trip to San Marcos anyhow) Black's in Lockhart finally rolled into view.

We arrived at opening time 10am pretty much looking more for a meaty breakfast bite than a full lunch.

I liked the "failsafe" cattle chute approach which will guide a first-time to where they need to go without any need for familiarity or thought.

Some ribs and some slices of brisket were procured, along with fresh cooked jalapeno cornbread.

We ate in the dining room festooned with Lockhart's Football Finest from many high school years past. The big strapping lads surely enjoyed some brisket here and so did we.

The brisket was lovely stuff. Moist. Flavorful. Not completely devoid of fat. Pleasant combination of smoke and natural beef. In short: zero not to like there.

The BBQ sauce was one of the better ones I've had, having several intense flavors on the go all of which enhanced (and did not overwhelm) the meat itself. We didn't use a lot of it but it was good sauce if you fancied a few mouthfuls "change of pace" from the basic flavor of the meat itself.

Oh a step back. The people taking the order and slicing the meat were very pleasant and made us feel at home.

Now the ribs are always more problematic for me. Do you go for the falling apart stage or leave them a little robust and chewy? I go both ways. I found the (pork) ribs not in the same class as the brisket. Perhaps we were an hour or two early in the day for them to reach their peak, I don't know. I prefer ribs where the bone has cooked down and about half the bone itself can be eaten even. This was a fairly solid-boned entity only chewable by canine efforts, not human ones, and the meat had that slight edge / tendency towards an elastic/rubbery/pink-eraser texture which is not awful, but not quite the pliant "cooked down" feel in your mouth you seek.

But the brisket was a true breakfast of champions, and one I would be most tempted to have on a daily basis if living in Lockhart.

Sausage was not sampled.

Thanks for reading.


Black's BBQ
215 North Main Street
Lockhart, TX 78644

Phone: 512.398.2712
Fax: 512.398.6000

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