Bizarre Cheese Question


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Bizarre Cheese Question

fladd | Mar 7, 2005 04:29 AM

Okay, so I've been continuing with my "Food of the Month" program at the Middle School where I teach. I've been exposing 6th, 7th and 8th graders to new foods that they wouldn't ordinarily try.

Last month, I tried cheese fondue, which seemed like a no-brainer - I mean, who doesn't like melted cheese?

Unfortunately, it turns out that the fondue doesn't travel or reheat well and doesn't come out well, cooked just in a crockpot - my two choices.

I still have my seventh graders to do, and I'm crossing fondue off the list. I would, however, still like to do some sort of cheese with them. I've invested several work days in building a PowerPoint on the history of cheese and would hate to waste it.

Can anyone recommend an easily obtainable, reasonably inexpensive, unusual cheese that the rural New Hampshire adolescents have never had before? I'm thinking some sort of chevre, but I'd love some other ideas.


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