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Is this a bit of a scandal? [moved from U.K./Ireland]

greedygirl | Jun 6, 200806:56 AM

I bought Gordon Ramsay's new Healthy Appetite Cookbook (what can I say - it was only 8 quid) and I've yet to have more than a quick flick. Mr GG was looking at it this morning and, almost straight away, he said "I don't think Gordon wrote this book". (He can't help himself - he's a journalist and professional cynic).

So I looked a bit more carefully, and sure enough right at the front it says "Food: Mark Sarjeant" (GR's right hand man). Now, it's not unusual for the writing bit of cookery books to be ghosted, but does this mean that GR hasn't even developed the recipes himself? If so, I think this is a bit naughty, as he's clearly selling it using his name.

I've half a mind to e-mail the publishers, but I thought I'd guage opinion here first. Mr GG says it's another example of Gordon Ramsay: the brand. :-(

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