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Beliefs Challenged By a Restaurant

wew | Oct 27, 2009 09:08 AM

I thought that after I had decided to omit foie gras but to continue with the rest of my omni eating ways I was immune from thought provoking challenges in diet and restaurants. The occasional sudden walk out when I saw a staff member hurt or humiliated followed from long held views on the general subject of abuse of power and bullying not anything new in my world. Recently I received a blow to this self image, of what (?)moral invincibility, from a strange quarter, and this has caused me some time to assimilate. I am wondering if any other of you have had restaurant experiences that have caused fundamental changes in your view of the world.
What happened to was reading a post in which a beverage was recommended who's name was Car Bomb. I, in the past, would never have believed that the name of a offering in a restaurant would effect me so that I would refuse to eat it or even eat at the naming establishment, but this is very much the case. After the first rush from reading the above I thought of possible props for allowing the name of a object of pleasure to be a currently used instrument of pain. I dismissed several - the owners of the restaurant advocate the ends and means of the users of autos in this manner and are directly using this offering as a way to glorify car bombs - ignorance of what a car bomb is and how it effects, changes, ones life - theses came and were rejected. There is a tradition of naming and referencing terrible events to make a bitter, satiric point, in literature from Swift to the Dead Kennedies, but where is the desire to make a legit point here? What is left?
(A second idea of some note occurred to me. If I were to set up rules for discussing food I would hope to avoid many difficult issues by asking that the talk stay on the food itself. This I have found from this example also has a limit for me that I never expected to reach that is a person could honestly recommends a dish who's name causes the first discussion to prompt non food thought. Here I think it is simply a matter of the a mistaken assumption of good faith on all parties violated by the restaurant.)
So what is your situation? Have you found yourself challenged by a restaurant?

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