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Beer sorbet?


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Beer sorbet?

Scriever | Sep 3, 2008 08:04 AM

Some time ago I caught a piece of one of those weird food shows while channel surfing. Think it was Andrew Zimmern. He was in Belgium at this restaurant that used beer in every dish. For dessert the owner had devised a dairy-free wheat beer sorbet, which Zimmern described as tasting a lot like a glazed donut.

I like beer, and am intrigued by its conversion to dessert. So, on a whim, I tried making up a small batch based upon faint recollection. Figured I'd try the same technique as making a sweet balsamic reduction, then churn the syrupy result.

First off, I discovered that adding sugar to carbonated beer yields one hell of a lot of foam. Just 1/4 cup added to 3 poured bottles yielded a 2-quart head, if not more. Subsequent, smaller additions of sugar reacted similarly, though not as severely. When the foam eventually dissipated I tried leaving the beer & sugar concoction on a slow simmer to reduce. The batch never made it much further, though; I couldn't endure the stench of simmering beer long enough to get it to reduce very well and samples tasted like a night of suds and sweets gone sour in the stomach, if you catch my drift.

This may be partially to blame for my choice of Shock Top as the beer. One of those bright orangey varieties. Figure the citric acid couldn't have helped. The stench is only now dissipated from the kitchen, though I think it still stains my soul.

Point is, has anyone attempted anything similar and/or know of a beer sorbet recipe/technique? And is it worthwhile? I'm eager to try again if provided assurances of less toxic results.

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