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Where's the beef?

Bunnyfood | Jan 30, 200812:07 PM

My beef? My significant other doesn't think dinner is dinner unless there is some meat involved.

I was a vegetarian for 14 years, and recently started eating bacon(destroying the will of veggies everywhere...) and seafood (As a Mainer, I feel obligated to support the local economy... and ok, ok, I love scallops and mussels and all the rest and can't believe I went without for so long...)

I am still happy to go to my veg favorites( one can't have seafood every night and there's no dening the benefits of a balanced veg based diet), but I can not get this person to consume thier protein from anything but animal sources- they will not eat tofu, tempeh or any processed soy products(me neither on that last one...The ingredient list for veggie "chicken" nuggets is scary long...)

Do you have any people like this in your life? How do can they be reformed?

Any advice???? Any veg recipes that will turn my carnivoire into a more adventurous eater? We have had more than our fair share of pasta with beans, risottos, veg stuffed breads/sandwiches and omelettes/frittatas...

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