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BBQ Outfitters Big Green Egg Festival

amysuehere | Apr 27, 2014 12:49 PM

Wow. For those of you who missed it, consider yourselves dodging a bullet.

We thought it would be fun and hey, it was only $25 and went for a good cause. Woof, we we mistaken.

Thank goodness we brought our own beer because the line for the "free beer" advertised snaked through the whole park and moved very, very slowly.

I can only suspect how they got the "contestants" as (and I may be wrong on this) the appearance of the interior (and exterior) of every egg being used was smoke-free-crystal-clean and the smoke wafting through the grounds was distinctly synthetic and off-putting.

However, we forged ahead and began to sample the food. Good-gawd! Things went from "church social" bbq with store bought cold tortillas and sticky sweet pulled pork to "Was that an old paperback book I just ate?" to "Holy crap. Where can I spit this out?!" I was even served little shrimp egg rolls where I bit into the dark-brown crust only to find I'd just bit into a cold, raw shrimp.

We did have an amusing "bright spot" when we found out Aaron Franklin was going to be giving a demo on an egg. We thought, well that's an odd person to pick for this, but never-the-less, he's bound to do something wonderful. Hehe...he used it like a "Webber" and got the coals screaming-hot and oiled, salted and peppered this godzilla steak and turned the pavilion into a giant (great smelling) smoke bomb! The Egg people standing behind him were so uncomfortable, it make us giggle. I bet that was still a damn-fine steak...

Needless to say, we gave up after a while and went to lunch elsewhere. And all of us ended up with some form of tummy trouble late last night and today.

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