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Barnstormer BBQ - Newburgh NY (Orange County)


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Barnstormer BBQ - Newburgh NY (Orange County)

Chris | Dec 15, 2002 02:46 AM

Just finished digesting enough to post... and thank the board member(s) who recommended this place! A group of 8 of us came from NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn) and NJ (as far south as Edison) for a road trip based on your advice. THIS PLACE KICKS A$$!! I have been through so-called 'cue country down south, and eaten some fine meals, but this place definitely does 'cue as well as or better than many of the "best" places I've tried from an overall perspective. Even better, the prices are beyond reasonably cheap (from a Manhattan point of view).

Ribs: falling off the bone tender, great sauce, sauce not burned onto the ribs, nor slapped on after plating.
"Carolina Pork": vinegar, spice, just wet enough.
BBQ Pork: more of that bbq sauce, damn fine, though my preference is for the Carolina - good enough for me to shell out $5 for a bottle of their sauce, though.
Texas Brisket: WOW! Of a dozen or so places in Texas I have tried, I think one or two might be better. Good beer, smoke, and iron flavors.
Chicken: Chicken breast sandwiches are huge, 1/4 chicken was really smoky, but not offensively. Very juicy and tender.
Slaws: Again, my vote is for vinegar. The creamy slaw is quite tasty, and obvious from the cut and the sauce it's not foodservice stuff, but the vinegar slaw just blows it away.
Burger: Huge. 1/2 pound, apparently, but it seemed like 1/2 lb after cooking... be hungry.
Fries: fresh cut, again obviously. Sweet potato fries are available if you ask, and fantastic... regular fries are crispy ant not greasy... but eat them hot!
Potato salad was also quite good, tastes like some mustard in the sauce, tough telling with all the other flavors already!
Chili: they say NFA for No Foolin Around, and they're right. Maybe not the best ever, but the best so far from PA to ME. Good and spicy, but not just "hot" - lots of meat, not sloppy wet like a lot of chilis around.
Wings were also done very well, but avoid the nuke sauce unless you want to work up a sweat. wooooo... hot is hot enough. Nuke sauce is definitely full of flavor, not like so many nuclear-named wings that are cayenne and tabasco. Good stuff. I am fearing the morning after, eek.
The peel-n-eat shrimp are nicely spiced, very garlicky... took home 2 lbs for some friends and family that couldn't come with us... and they were gone in 15 minutes here! Cornbread is very good, not too moist and a little sweet, fell apart nicely without crumbling. My rule of thumb, good cornbread doesn't need butter... this definitely didn't need it.

Portions are generous (one in the group got a chicken caesar app, and it could have been a meal and a doggie bag in the city) if you order like a human, but go for the pig-out and be prepared to feel like you just ate Thanksgiving dinner +. Oh, and be sure to like "the little fishies" if you order the caesar salad - i didn't see any floating, but could taste them for sure.

Desserts are pretty good as well, peanut butter pie, chocolate bourbon pecan pie (OH MY GOD! Get this and a dentist's appointment) and an excellent key lime pie (which is made with regular limes, not key limes, i'm pretty sure).

Wines are limited to red and white, on tap is Coors Light (is that even "drinking?") Bud, and Sam Adams. Good selection of bottled beers and soft drinks, and Pepsi products (as we were informed) for fountain sodas.

Service was good, very quick considering we were the biggest table in a crowded place. And, though I didn't measure it, I'm pretty sure the men's room is almost big enough to play a half-court game of b'ball. Only if you can actually move after eating everything, I guess...

Overall, I gave it two holes looser on my belt, and I give the chowhounds here a big thumbs-up for what you've said on this joint. Barnstormer Barbeque is now my new standard for 'cue in the area. - and maybe even my new standard, period? a couple more meals will make that decision.

Rock on, chowhounds!

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