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You are banished to an island...


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You are banished to an island...

grocerytrekker | Dec 29, 2006 12:08 AM

...and you are given unlimited supply of 5 different tasty ingredients plus 1 extra condiment/spice. You will have plenty of water. (Let's not complicate this by thinking about cooking utensils or methods, or how to preserve the food!) What will you take? Reasoning?

1) Something rich in protein (foie gras? otoro?)
2) Something rich in sugar or carbohydrates (Acme bread? Yukon gold?)
3) Oil or fat or dairy (heavy cream? olive oil?)
4) A fruit (raspberry? mango?)
5) And a vegetable (swiss chard? seaweed?)

(Added after RiJaAr posted)
Your dream food. Also the assumption is that you'd be eating any combination of these, and nothing else. No way to catch your own fish, or pick coconuts, for example.

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