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Ballottine of Chicken - questions


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Ballottine of Chicken - questions

Diane in Bexley | Sep 28, 2012 11:39 AM

So,I have a 7 lb roasting chicken I would like to de-bone and turn into a ballottine. Never did this before. What I have gleaned from several cookbooks, a ballottine is a roasted stuffed, boneless fowl served while hot while a gallantine is a poached stuffed, bonesless fowl usually served cold. Looking to do a trial run on a chicken as practice for Thanksgiving turkey.

Questions - there seem to be 2 options to de-boning the fowl - cut through backbone first and roll up OR keep the skin whole and de-bone. Any thoughts on which method is easier?

The forcemeat recipes I have found call for pork sausage, ham or other pork-related products.Can't eat pork, any suggestions for forcemeat using other products? Do plan to use de-boned fowl but need some savory items like ground veal? ground beef? corned beef? pickled tongue? to add to the mixture.

Can I prepare the ballottine up to cooking it in advance? I would like to prepare a day ahead, refrigerate overnight and cook to order on night of party. Scary because of all the admonitions about food poisoning?

Anyone have experience doing this method willing to share tips? How to carve so it won't fall apart? Thanks!

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