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Bakery House in Bryn Mawr, Yes or No?


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Bakery House in Bryn Mawr, Yes or No?

Delucacheesemonger | Jul 1, 2009 01:48 PM

Having just moved back to Philadelphia area after a long absence thought l would try this bakery that l have seen mentioned on this board. Went today around noon and bought four things.
Slice of coconut cake
Sticky Bun
Quarter of a Jewish apple cake
White cupcake.
Here are my opinions, please let me/us hear yours
White cupcake (1.75)- this was the item recommended by the staff, when l asked for best thing they had. It was average size, very, very rich, one-half was all l could eat at one sitting, but all in all, a damn good cupcake.
Sticky bun(3.75)-While topping was good quality 'sticky' with nuts and raisins, the roll part had no nuts and raisins, a common complaint of mine, but more to the point, it was stale. ate the topping, birds got the rest
Jewish apple cake(5.00)-Had a cake from Night Kitchen a week or so ago and tried to compare the two.they both were expensive and cost the same, $20 per cake, Night Kitchen's was like a pineapple upside down cake but with apple not pineapple. While not exceptional, ate over a week and stayed fresh, others who sampled liked and birds got nothing. This one was dreadful, tasteless, texture like glue and almost no apple to be seen. Squirrels got the whole thing, minus my one bite as l really hate squirrels.
Coconut cake(2.75)-Had a very noticeable chemical smell, whether from the plastic box it was in, or an ingredient, do not know, but for me inedible, could not give to the birds for fear of toxicity.

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