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Baked Empanadas at Grand Casino - Culver City!

Dommy! | Oct 31, 200505:25 PM     5

A few weeks ago, my BF came to me raving about a brand new Empanadas place by his work in Culver City. He said they were Argentinean, and were baked…

Hmmm… I’d heard the baked empanada, but had never tried them myself. Further, my one Argentinan Empanada experience was from Empanadas place cemented my love for . the Mexican Style Empanadas made with rough corn meal, fried and then split and stuff with salsa (Or I n the Yucatan marinated onions and habaneros). Still I was curious and lucky me, a few days later, he surprised me with baked Empanadas for dinner (Yeah, you didn’t see that coming…)

He got one of each, a Chicken, a Beef and a Spinach. Just like the Empanadas place, they were made into pretty, different shapes. But their baked shells made them appear more like doughy glossy fancy calzones rather than empanadas. I looked for the dipping sauce, but they came with none… gahhh… I resisted my urge to dive into the pantry and take out my habanero sauce… but I wanted to try them as is…

I tried the spinach first. It was absolutely FULL of stuffing, but very herbal. I guess I’ve been used to eating baby spinach for much too long because this shot of real spinach was a bit jarring…

Then next, the beef, ground beef with hard boiled egg. Again, stuffed with meat, but just like the meat in the ones from Empanadas place, there wasn’t anything overly special about the taste of the meat and the meat was a bit dry.

And finally, the Chicken, which BF proclaimed the best of the bunch… And he was right! Flavorful saucy chicken packed made it taste just like calzones, which all of a sudden made sense as some Argentian food does have an Italian edge to it… DUH!!

A few days later I found myself in downtown CC again with a bit of time before a movie, BF had also raved to me about the agentinan desserts they had, so I gave two a shot… First, the Ricotta Pie, which was EXCELLENT. One of the best renditions of the dish I’ve had. Very dense, not too sweet or pasty. Absolutely dusted with powdered sugar which made it a bit messy, but added that sweet edge! And for those with the super sweet tooth, I got Canyoncitos, which look like little cookies with a hersey’s kiss on top. Well, inside that ‘chocolate’ kiss is thick buttery caramel. And absolutely perfect treat to have with tea.

So while not exactly a hound find in terms of out of this world yumminess, Grand Casino is indeed a find for a really unique place in the middle of downtown Culver City…


Link: http://local.yahoo.com/details;_ylt=A...

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