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Attaching Picts didn't work


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Attaching Picts didn't work

Rocky Road | Jul 6, 2009 08:20 PM

I've done it many times but today I tried twice and couldn't get it to attach? I use an iMAC, software version 10.5.7. I tried with Firefox, version 3.0.11 and Safari 4.0. Nothing worked. I've always used an iMac and never had problems. I just bought this new computer about 3 weeks ago. It's a dream.

From what I see, the problem is after you "browse" and pick the picture you want. When you browse for a pict on your HD, there should be a button that says "attach" after you've picked it

None appeared in either browser.

Hope I've explained the issue. Either way, I could not attach the pict and I'm not a least, I don't think I am. :-)

Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. Thx!

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