att: Pregnant chowhounders! Cheese report!


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att: Pregnant chowhounders! Cheese report!

Janie | Nov 20, 2004 09:29 PM

Wanted to turn any fellow pregnant chowhounders on to a wonderful cheese I got yesterday at Whole foods. I was about to buy some Parmigianan Reggiano for them to grate for me, and then the very knowledgeable cheese man, asked me if this was for me? I said yes, that I could eat this, just not romano--he said, no- you can't because it's not pasteurized--I told him I thought it was aged long enough it didn't matter, and that it was from cow's milk not goat, and that it should be safe (I had eaten some in the past--not alot but a bit)...he said that I could only have domestic Reggiana and that it was awful--he kindly gave me some to taste, and he was right, yuk, salty sawdust---so as I deliberated on my current cheese state--no goat cheese (my favorite), no feta ( my every other day ritual), there had to be some alternative to pasterization and listeria! And, what in the world are all the pregnant Greek women doing, I ask, as well as the French! This cheese thing has gotten out of hand....and then, this kind man, said he knew what I could get, and would satisfy my ceaser salad craving---he suggested Piave cheese--and said he would grate it for me, first I tasted it, and wow, it was great, kinda like a cheddar asiago--and I thought it had a good bite for my salads and pastas ! This was pasterized, and from cow's milk-bingo-he saved me! Used it last night and today, and it's great---seems like it's kinda hard to find, but glad they had it, it runs about $15 a lb. So, whether you're preg or not, I highly reccomend checking it out...

Here's a little blurb I found about it on the web:

"Piave from northern italy-an elusive mountain cheese

This is a rarely tasted traditional cheese made high in the mountains of northern Italy, and it’s been one of my favorite eating cheeses for years. In truth, I’ve always been reluctant to reveal it here, for fear that already-limited supplies will become even more difficult to get. What’s so great about it? It’s simply one of the tastiest, most versatile cheeses I’ve ever tried. Excellent on polenta or in risotto. I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet who doesn’t like it. Its flavors are accessible enough to entice a cheese novice, yet more than complex enough to compel cheese fanatics to come back for more. It brings the smoothness of cheddar, the texture of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and the mellowness of sweet mountain butter to your table."

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