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artichoke hearts, marinated redux


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artichoke hearts, marinated redux

makepono | Nov 2, 2008 10:24 AM

So, I love the gigantic jars of the Costco marinated artichoke hearts. But I hate it when I have to dump the half gallon or so of marinade when I actually finish eating them all. A month or two back, I purchased some packages of Trader Joes frozen artichoke hearts to make Artichoke-Feta dip with and had a thawed package leftover. I didnt want to refreeze and possibly ruin the chokes, so I tossed them into the big 'empty' jar of marinade. A few weeks later I fished a few out and voila, they were nicely infused. In fact they were better than the original chokes as they were crisper, not as soft as the originals. The 'best by date' on the lid is Ocotober 2010, so I figure I have at least until then to reuse the marinade over and over. Any other ideas what I can use the marinade for?

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