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Announcements: Site changes coming this week

CHOW HQ | Oct 26, 200909:58 AM

Thank you for all of your valuable feedback about the new Restaurants section of the site. As you know, we have been fixing many things during the past month, and this week we will release a number of additional changes.

The most significant change is that we are introducing auto-tagging and inline linking of restaurants within threads. So, for instance, if a user mentions “French Laundry” in a post, this text will link through to the French Laundry restaurant detail page. Users will be able to use the system choices, or else add/remove choices in a new “Manage Your Links” section (which will replace the current ‘Link to a Place’ tool. ), and users will still be able to ‘Mark as Review’ posts that are essentially reviews of a particular restaurant.

There are several reasons we are making this change:
1. So maps and other information about restaurants being discussed are always available, not just when someone remembers to link to a place (currently very few people do this)
2. So that all the relevant threads are linked from the Restaurant page.
3. So that our 'Most Discussed' view of restaurants really knows which places are being discussed

Additional changes will include:
- New interface for ‘Mark as Duplicate’
- Fixes to restaurant data problems, including eliminating many franchises from the database
- Search within map and expanded map in search
- Better ordering of highest rated restaurants (that takes into account the number of reviews as well as the number of stars)

Also, you will see new promotion units in the right column and at the bottom of the page- we are changing these in an effort to better introduce users to relevant content around the site.

The CHOW Team

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