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Amuse-Bouche - Review

Jenna | Nov 21, 2005 06:15 PM

Food – 7.0
Ambiance – N/A due to the location of our table I don’t think I can really provide any comment of value.
Service – 6.5

On Sat. evening the hubby and I headed out to Amuse-Bouche to celebrate his birthday.

We arrived promptly at 8:25 p.m. for our 8:30 reservation and were seated at our table within a few mins.

Before I go on I need to set the context.

First, I made the reservation approximately 10 days in advance.
Second, at the time of booking I mentioned that it was for my SO’s birthday, and shared his two food allergies.

We got the worst table in the place. More or less it was in the hallway from the bar to the kitchen. It was off-balance and nestled under some corner shelves. We had to pull the table out from the wall so that I didn’t hit my head on the shelves. About half way through the evening, my hub discovered a pile of three or four used napkins under the table. It was very odd to say the least.

Now, maybe it was the only table left when I made the reservation. No problem. Just let me know. Or hey better yet – get rid of that table, or heck, maybe even just the shelves.

So moving along… We decided to try the chef’s tasting menu. Seven course in all.

The courses were as follows:
- bean soup with pork and prune
- beet carpaccio
- butter poached lobster
- seared foie gras
- venison on a pumpkin ‘pie’
- warm goat cheese wrapped in phyllo
- one crème brule and one little melon ball sides scoop of gelato five berries and small pot of jelly

Overall the food was ok. Aside from the main course, all of the hot courses were anything but hot - more like room temp. Although well prepared, the foie gras was the smallest portion I’ve ever been served. And for a restaurant called amuse-bouche, the sad little broiled mollusk was anything but amusing to my taste buds.

Throughout dinner we had to refill our water glasses ourselves. No one ever asked us how the meal was, and I had to flag down a waiter to order another glass of wine.

Now, I know that desserts without eggs are a challenge. That’s why when I make reservations I always let the restaurant know that my husband has a very serious egg allergy. This is the first restaurant I’ve been to that hasn’t really put much thought or effort into accommodating this. My hub’s b-day dessert consisted of one little melon ball sized scoop of gelato, five berries and a small pot (maybe two table spoons) of some sort of jelly. When he was given the plate the woman said, we managed to find something for you that not just a plate of berries. Did I mention this was a birthday? I know I did when I called to make the reservation. No happy birthday writing on the plate, not one little candle, no nothing. Maybe some of the other places I’ve dined have spoiled me. But I have to admit, I was shocked.

Unfortunately, due to our proximity to the bar, we also witnessed some rather alarming practices that I will refrain from putting in print. However – I will tell all of my friends.

This is a nice neighbourhood haunch, but not a ‘special night’ restaurant. For the $300 we spent for dinner, I would have much rather coughed up another $100 and had a stellar evening like we have at some of the other get places in the city.

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