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Aluminum exposed on the rims of tri-ply cookware

Curiousiti | Jan 30, 201207:39 AM

Hi everyone. I am a college student in NY who wants to buy some saucepans for daily use. Even though I'm not a phenomenal cook in any way I want to buy some durable cookware that will carry me long after my school days. Mainly I'll be boiling oatmeal in the morning, making noodles for lunch, and boiling veggies. I may have inclinations to experiment out of my normal methods.

I think I've just about looked at every brand available to me in the US, at least on the internet. Brands such as:
Cuisinart, Calphalon, All-Clad, those expensive brands at the department stores
Commercial cookware from restaurant(Vollrath, Johnson Rose, Sitram(if it can be considered as it?))

Basically I've narrowed it down to stainless steel, either tri-ply or disk, with a metal lid(I don't liked how the glass lids get dirty and fogged up). So now I'm considering Cuisinart Multiclad and Tramontina tri-ply. Yes I really want to try this tri-ply and see if it actually is more efficient and 'even cooking' as people have said.

I'm on the brink of taking the plunge for a Tramontina 1.5 qt saucepan, which I've read is good for it's price and will let me test it out without shelling out too much money. Unfortunately I am worried about the rims of tri-ply cookware which I believe expose the layer of aluminum. I am a frequent pourer and I don't want the aluminum to get in contact with my food, or to rust, chemically change in anyway. I know some like the Multiclad have flared rims, but the question of chemical change still stands. Also I will be handwashing and I don't want aluminum to stick from the sponge and 'infect' the rest of my utensils.

So my question is, should I be worried about any of this?
And also, do you have any recommendations in cookware for someone of my predicament? I don't have a SET price per se, because I am willing to pay for something that will last me for my life and it is JUST a saucepan after all so I assume even the most expensive saucepans won't be too over the top. I will take care of the pans insofar as using wooden utensils and soft sponges, even refraining from acidic foods(not that I eat them much) but I definitely am not going to 'polish copper' or anything of the sort(even the copper All-clad has exposed copper...which could get into food I presume even with the flared lip).

More preferences: I really like the shape of a saucier and I imagine it'd be easy to mix in it, but I'm ok with the cylindrical pan. If disk bottom pan serves well, I will probably get that, although I liked the clean lines of a tri-ply.

Hehe, I hope I didn't put too much information; I just wanted to provide enough information so I could get specific, to the point answers. Thank you very much for reading. And please don't hesitate to knock some sense into me if you think I'm getting too crazy over this

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