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Allergic to tikka masala?


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Allergic to tikka masala?

geekyfoodie | Dec 6, 2007 04:08 PM

Has anyone experienced something like this? Every time I eat tikka masala, I break out in hives. It's not serious, but I'm curious as to what makes me break out. I have no known food allergies and my limited research turned up mentions of the dyes used in the sauces. However, most of the stuff I read was British, so I'm not sure if those dyes are allowed in the United States. I've also read that the dish contains nuts, but I'm not allergic to nuts.

I don't eat this dish often and I've only had it at one restaurant in San Diego. It could be the dish or it could be the restaurant. When I go to this place, I always order the same thing, so it was easy to discern a pattern. The hives aren't severe and there's no shortness of breath, so I continue to enjoy the dish.

Anyway, 'Hounds are knowledgeable folk, so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone might know something about it. Thanks.

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