Site Feedback 2

Is this thing still on?

Shane Greenwood | Sep 11, 2011 06:20 AM

I used to use Chowhound a lot. But then I found it to be quite repetitive in terms of the questions being asked and the advice being offered. And the board I followed was often dominated by a few chronic posters, which gets boring fast. Then social media came on the scene, Yelp became really easy to use on the iPhone, and every restaurant, food truck, chef, and farmers market seemed to start tweeting & FB'ing directly with the people. Without even realizing it, I stopped using Chowhound for the last year. I guess I didn't miss it because I just now remembered that this thing even exists. Odd for a site I used to visit several times a day.

How has your use of the site changed? Are you using the other channels more now? What does CH do for you that others don't?

For me now it's:

Yelp iPhone app for quickly finding good eats in any area.
Twitter feeds for staying up on my favorite places.
Facebook for interacting with other eaters.
Yelp's website if I feel compelled to post my thoughts to a large audience (fwiw).
And I guess Chowhound for asking direct questions, like this post.

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