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5 days in DC at Christmas, need ideas


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5 days in DC at Christmas, need ideas

Anne H | Dec 15, 2007 05:49 PM

I'll be in town for five days at Christmas with my husband and two late-teen sons. We'll be staying at a hotel at 400 New Jersey NW, and we're looking for restaurants-- not necessarily right in that area, but in the city, cab or Metro distance. We tend to like great neighborhood places, ethnic places, not high end, not enormously crowded and noisy. We're from Chicago, and we'd like at least a few ideas of food we wouldn't get in Chicago-- southern cuisine, seafood, whatever.

I'm especially looking for a recommendation for Christmas dinner. We probably don't want to spend more than about $50 per person, including one (not high end) bottle of wine and probably two desserts among the four of us. A friend recommended the Tabard Inn, which looks like the kind of place I have in mind-- good food, character, seafood for my husband and me and non-seafood for the kids-- probably at the upper end of our budget, but worth it, it looks like. Yes? Does anyone have other suggestions?

We also like Italian food-- my husband associates DC with Italian food, but I think perhaps only because his old boss was Italian and when they were in DC for meetings used to take him to great Italian places, though of course he can't remember where. Suggestions?

I read a good thread on Ethiopian-- a big favorite in Chicago which I understand is also a DC specialty, and I think we will try Queen Makeda or Etete.

I want to go to a bistro-- D'Oc sounds good. This is maybe just foolishness because our last great family vacation was in Montreal and I am dying to go to a bistro and a vacation is when I can persuade my family to do that... Perhaps it's not the thing to do in DC?

What about southern food? Creme sounds a little trendy and busy? any authentic neighborhood southern food places? Or am I wrong about Creme? Great southern fried chicken anywhere?

Lunch or brunch at the Eastern Market-- I take it from a thread I saw that it is open again after the fire? Pyramids for Moroccan? Also, one last question (way to many questions in this thread, sorry) best place for cheap lunch near the Mall?

Many thanks for any ideas, or referrals to threads I may have missed!

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