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Caroline1 | Feb 9, 200806:51 AM

I don't usually ask other people what they think when I feel I'm wronged. When it happens with a store or restaurant I just make a mental note to avoid them in the future. But this time I am curious about what any of you willing to listen (read) think about this.

Last Sunday (Super Bowl) a girlfriend was coming over to watch "The Toilet Bowl" on DIY (or whatever else we stumbled on) while her busband had a bunch of "the guys" over to watch the Super Bowl. Didn't feel much like cooking (she's a bit of a picky eater), so I decided to "order in". We're both fairly light eaters, and I had plenty of snacks on hand so I called Foodler.com, a restaurant delivery service, and ordered a chef's salad (they're huge), a baked potato with the works (also huge), and a slice of carrot cake (humongous according to the on-line menu) to share from Black Eyed Pea. Why Black Eyed Pea? Because their chef's salad was the only restaurant that has avacado on the salad. And even more important, the web menu says the carrot cake is a full one pound slice! Okay! A third of a pound for my friend, a third of a pound for me, and a third of a pound for me for breakfast! Here's the website that shows the one pound portion of carrot cake for $5.49:


The food was delivered in a reasonable length of time and the delivery guy was very considerate as he arrived during a commercial. But here's the result:

The salad was fine and the generous cup of blue cheese dresssing had big Big BIG chunks in it, so that was good. The corn bread that came with the salad is incredible! The dinner rolls looked like the driver had sat on them all the way here.

The baked potato wasn't. It was huge. More than ample for two people. But I had to nuke it another 5 minutes before it didn't chew like carrot sticks! The menu says it comes with butter, bacon, sour cream and chives. No chives! The cheese looked like it had been grated two days ago and left in the sun to turn to yellow glass. And the butter was was a 1 teaspoon packet of margarine. Not a happy camper over this one.

The carrot cake. I was stunned when I opened the styrofoam box! I rushed the cake in container to my accurate kitchen scale: FIVE OUNCES! In the box! They shorted me 11 full ounces of carrot cake!!! Bastards!

I tried to call the restaurant directly, but they weren't answering the phone. I figured, Okay, Super Bowl. Call Foodler tomorrow.

And that's what I did. The young lady took my number and called Black Eyed Pea on my behalf. She called me back and said she had talked to John, the manager, and that he said, "We have never served a one pound slice of carrot cake! I'll call corporate and have them take it off the menu.." He made no apology (that was relayed to me anyway) about the unbaked baked potatoe with the glassy cheese. In fact no apology for anything! The bill came to $28.19 with tax, 20% tip, and delivery fee. I'm feeling like I bought food from Jesse James!

What do you Chowhounds think?

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