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The 3 Grand Cuisines


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The 3 Grand Cuisines

Chinon00 | Dec 20, 2006 03:09 AM

I once read an article that stated that there are 3 grand cuisines on earth: French, Chinese, and Turkish. And according to the article this occurred in these cultures for 3 specific reasons including: the presence of a royal kitchen, a long dynastic reign and the availability of a variety of foodstuffs. To explain further, the royal kitchen produces a variety of splendid dishes to please the king or emperor. A long dynastic reign ensures the coherence of these dishes over time and provides time for their perfection. Finally, access to plentiful and diverse foodstuffs provides the raw materials. Having said that how many chowhounds agree with this? Does this argue that all others cuisines are inherently inferior to these? Thoughts?

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