2009 Domaine de Robert Fleurie Cuvee Tradition TN


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2009 Domaine de Robert Fleurie Cuvee Tradition TN

budnball | Jul 4, 2012 02:32 PM

This is my first intro to a real Gamay Beaujolais. I believe Fleurie is a style. Visually it is a thin, very scarlet colored, and easy to see thru. The nose to me comes across as a white wine, like some of the SV blancs i was drinking so much of earlier this year, grass and unripe cherry. I opened the bottle at the same temp I drink reds and my initial pour tasted tart and dry, more mineral than fruit. Austere. All my prejudice of French wine seemed to well up again. I remembered that Gamays are usually drunk cool to chilled and gave he bottle an 20 min ice water chill. Very different taste and feel. Now this is refreshing, and easier to see the appeal. Treated like a white wine, and tart berries and an "umami" flavour that i can't quite identify, but am growing to love, shine. I have a feeling that this is a wine I'm not really ready for. While i am toning down the over ripe fruit in my wine choices, this still seems too severe for me. Maybe in a year or so I'll come back to the other bottle i have and see how my view may have changed

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