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2 Delicious things at Swad--tea recipe? (long)


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2 Delicious things at Swad--tea recipe? (long)

Miriam | Jan 25, 2003 09:12 PM

My husband and I stopped by Swad for a midnite meal after a late movie at the Kent last week. Although the friendly young woman behind the counter tried to convince us to order chicken tikka ("the chef will make it fresh for you") we went with what I can only describe as exploded chicken drumsticks. They were sitting out on the counter--they were fat, and the meaty end looked as if it had exploded in a deep fryer. I think the young woman reheated them in the microwave, but somehow they remined crispy at all the surface areas that had been created by the explosion. The inside was like velvet--meaty, moist, soft, and packed into every possible crevice were scallions and herbs and spices. Maybe a yogurt marinade or rub? Not spicy at all, but very flavorful. I've never seen anything like them, and could eat them 3 times a week. We also ordered green tea, which was the color of Pepto Bismol and smelled, initally, offputtingly medicinal. But--it was fabulous. Milky, not very sweet, full of pistachio pieces, and something I couldn't place. Not coconut, not citrus, but whatever it was I left feeling utterly content and relaxed and felt the same way when I crawled into bed. This stuff was amazing--never seen that, either, and would love to make it at home...recipe anybody?

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