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1st Attempt - Yogurt turned out slimy/ropey


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1st Attempt - Yogurt turned out slimy/ropey

walker | Jan 2, 2009 12:39 PM

I've read the discussion of this and am not positive what I did wrong. I followed the directions on how to do it in a crock pot.


I used my All-Clad on low 2.5 hrs, (1/2 gal. regular, fresh milk) then cut off crock pot, left cover on, let sit 3 hrs. Then, mixed 2 cups of that with
1/2 cup powdered whole milk (from health food store) and 1/2 cup plain yogurt.
Wrapped in a towel for 8 hrs. Then, put into containers and refrigerated.

It's unbelievably slimy/ropey. I ate some anyway and the cats liked it. I'm just really turned off by the sliminess. Should I have heated up the milk to boiling point before placing in crock pot?

Sam, I've read your method but don't want to be zapping it in microwave every hour and half all day.

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