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14 bladed knife tips?


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14 bladed knife tips?

emdb | Jun 12, 2005 03:30 AM

So I bought a 14 bladed knife, thinking it'd be handy and keep me from busting out the mandoline for small amounts of carrot julienne, etc. I got a plastic-handled version from Sur La Table which comes with all kinds of non english description all over the box. Is there a trick to using this, like, NOT on smaller carrots, which I was trying to shred? I ended up wasting a lot of carrot because I needed something to hold on to while pulling the knife along the vegetable, and had a lot of useless chunks not pretty enough to put in my salad. I froze the chunks for soup at some point, but I'm wondering if there are particular handling tips or vegetable sizes that work best with this tool? If I've wasted 14 dollars, it's not a big deal in the end, but I am a little disappointed at how hard the thing was to use.

Any tips on use or better vegetables to use it on would be much appreciated.

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