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$1,000 gift for kitchen stuff. Upgrade oven, fridge, or buy barbecue/smoker, knives, or other?

SocksManly | Jun 10, 201207:58 PM

My mom decided to give me some money towards kitchen stuff, but I think I already have all the essentials and then some. I have a crappy electric coil stove with a crack in the glass, and matching fridge. They work well enough I guess. Wouldn't think that a new fridge would cool better, or a new stove would cook better.. My coils aren't as flat as I'd like, but I have one decent big burner, and I'm sure I could fix the other with tinfoil or something to stabilize it.

I don't have a barbecue, and I'm interesting in smoking stuff.. But I live in an apartment.. Then again there's no rule against barbecues here (just bringing propane up the elevator) and I only have 2 people above me and one is a good friend.

Is there a good barbecue / smoker combo that I can cold and warm smoke in?

I have a stand mixer, panini press, food processor, ice cream maker attachment, breville juicer, kitchenaid blender.. Good stock pot, big le creuset, couple of good SS pans. Henckel 4* chef's knife I think 8". My deep freezer is broken but I think I just wasted money and time when I used it. I just use it as counter space now.

Also I can add some money to the budget for the right thing.

Does a $1500 electric stove cook better than my 10 year old Kenmore? I'm doubting it's enough to spend money on..

What would you buy if you were me, or what would you get if it was for you?

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