The Zillion Ways We Love Zucchini in Baked Goods

OK, so it's not exactly a zillion, but what a fun word, right? Sprinkling some green confetti into your baked goods is yet another way to squeeze more vegetables into your diet or your family's diet. You all can have your cake and eat your vegetables too. The biggest trick you can master when incorporating this vegetable into your bready baked goods is to squeeze the water out of the zucchini after you grate or shred it. It's got a lot of water, and that can mess up your bread, cake, or muffin. This zucchini cake recipe is like zucchini bread but lighter; it's frosted with a tangy buttercream frosting and coated with toasted pecans. Get some more zucchini recipes and learn how to spiralize your zucchini for some low-carb noodles.