Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes for New Year's Eve

For a New Year's Eve party (or pretty much any holiday shindig), you need food that can be eaten one-handed. Having the other hand free for your drink (whether you're trying a lesser-known winter liquor, having some leftover Christmas beer, or enjoying a classic Champagne cocktail) is a necessity. You should also make sure all of your guests are accommodated, meaning you'll probably need to make at least one or two vegetarian nibbles. Even within both of those parameters, you can still get creative with your edibles, as these meatless toasts, dips, risotto cakes, and other bite-size treats clearly demonstrate. We start off with crostini topped with fig jam, which pairs so well with creamy goat cheese. It's an easy, elegant hors d’oeuvre, made fancier after it's topped with crispy fried sage leaves. Keep clicking for even more delightful bites that happen to be vegetarian too.