The Best Shrimp Recipes

So you say you're succeeding in that New Year's resolution to eat healthier. Or you're recommitting to that January resolve. This healthy egg-white frittata recipe has no carbohydrates from bread or crust, no cheese, and significantly less fat than other egg dishes. Not to worry though, there's still motivation to eat this dish: The shrimp, roasted tomatoes, chives, and spinach make it taste like nothing's missing. Except those unhealthy habits. To get enough egg whites, you'll need about 16 eggs. Or you could always make peace with adding more (arguably good) fat, and use the whole egg, and then you'd need fewer eggs. The choice is yours.

You can serve this simple, healthy egg-white frittata either hot or at room temperature, though we think it’s best warm. Look for the smallest shrimp you can find, or cut larger ones into quarters.... Read More