Rooftop Hives Are Buzzing in Boston

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The fifth-floor roof of the Seaport District hotel is home to one million bees in seven hives, and they are well cared for by Chief Beekeeper Edwin Medrano. The hotel's TAMO Bistro + Bar features several honey-centric items on the menus. In a nod to the Olympics, the Soju Wanna Win a Gold Medal? cocktail is poured with Chum Churum Soju, green tea, the fifth-floor rooftop honey, and a splash of Goldschlager. You can also warm up with one of the honey-infused TAMO Toddies—made with TAMO's exclusive blend of Angel's Envy Bourbon. You have choices: Traditional (Seaport honey, lemon, cloves), Spicy (Sriracha-infused Seaport honey, dried pepper), and the Sweet (cinnamon-infused Seaport honey, cinnamon stick). The honey also stars in the Steak Tips marinade and in a vinaigrette for the Simple Salad (baby lettuce, tomatoes).