A Guide to West LA's Persian Food Scene

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Getting to the Pico-Robertson area isn’t always the easiest, but a trip to Faraj makes it well worth the drive. While you may or may not consider this area as West L.A., it’s good enough to make any list of noteworthy Persian eateries. Prepared and cooked on the spot, Faraj’s kabobs stack up against some of the highest-rated restaurants in the city. They even serve grilled salmon, which you can order with baghali polo (rice made with fresh dill and fava beans), a traditional Persian New Year's dish. However, one of my favorites here is their Koobideh Kabob (ground beef seasoned with onion and spices). Faraj isn’t just for people who are looking to dine in; members of the community come here to buy his pre-marinated meat and chicken to cook at home.