Happy Desk Lunches That Won't Make You Sad You're Chained to Your Computer

Desktop dining seems to be a national standard: More than 60 percent of American office workers report eating lunch at their desks. Of course, we recommend honoring your food by making each meal a special occasion shared with others, or at least eating in the lunch room or outside. But that's not always possible. You can still bring easy sandwiches and salads to work using part of dinner's leftovers (hello, rotisserie chicken, rice, and leftover pesto). Follow our advice, and you'll have no #saddesklunch to photograph for Instagram. We propose you create a #happydesklunch full of colorful, filling, delicious food that will make your #cubiclelunch better than your office neighbor's. This chicken salad recipe has roasted chicken mixed with tart apple, onion, tarragon, and mayonnaise for an elegant salad served over greens or as a sandwich. Use that leftover rotisserie chicken, why don't you? Get some more lunch ideas, including salad recipes, soup recipes, and sandwich recipes.