Date Night Dinners

OK, this is a hearty meal of meat. cooked. in. beer. There's no way this doesn't rock ... as long as your date isn't a vegetarian or anything. (Check on that.) The onions just melt into the sauce. True, some stay in tact and make a savory topping for this pot roast richly sauced with porcini mushrooms, fresh thyme, bay leaves, Dijon mustard, and beer. We recommend an India Pale Ale. Serve with a good red wine, or the rest of that six-pack of ale.

It’s hard not to love a Belgian beef stew, especially considering the fact that it’s cooked in beer and thickened with a piece of bread. Judy Rodgers, in her wonderful Zuni Cafe Cookbook, does her spin on that dish by starting it with short ribs. This is an adapted version of Judy’s recipe.... Read More