5-ingredient or Less Big Batch Cocktail Recipes

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And now for a topic close to my heart: slap dash cocktails. Punches, ciders, sangria. Icy, fizzy, wanton. Crock pot, flower vase, slow cooker. Make em how you like em, serve em as you please, enjoy as you see fit. These cocktails care nothing of rank or riverbank; they’re delicious, spontaneous and vibing on your wavelength.

So grab your ladle, rinse out that god forsaken china, and pour one, two, three, okay four, bottles of champagne in. With a sprig of rosemary and a “Mad Men” style ice cube for good measure, you’re on the road to Paradiso.

First up: the French 75. It’s elegant and unassuming, best enjoyed with your hair in a twist and a good plum lip.

A lovely drink for brunch, pre-dinner, or as a nightcap, the French 75 is one of the most versatile cocktails we know. Our recipe came to us via ex–Gramercy Tavern managing partner (and author) Nick Mautone. It’s a subtle twist on a classic, especially if you use brown instead of white sugar.... Read More