Comfort Foods We Love

Now this is couch potato food. Before you can park it and nosh on the savory treat, you'll need to amble over to the freezer section of your grocery store for a bag of frozen crinkle-cut fries. While it's not required, the crinkle-cut are so much better than the smooth, like the ridges in potato chips. Of course this is a matter of opinion. The rich pulled pork poutine recipe takes a Montreal tradition and adds our Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork recipe to make it meaty. Melt some cheese curds (or if you can't find them, the shredded cheese of your choice). And ladle on the gravy. Oh, the gravy.

Poutine, Montreal’s beloved snack and late-night drunk food, gets the pulled pork treatment here. You start by cooking oven fries that—easily enough—you get from the freezer case, then topping with cheese curds and a mound of pulled pork.... Read More