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Wine Shops On Long Island

by BillL 21 years ago

As an addition to the favorite wine shops in Westchester, how about your favorite wine shops on Long Island??!!! My favorite is Simply Wine in Albertson. they have many fine wines, the staff is fr...

Westchester farmers markets

by Sharon A 21 years ago

I've noticed that many more communities around here have farmers markets these days, and I'm wondering how different they are. We go to the one in Pleasantville--open Saturday mornings. The best ...

Arizmendi Bakery in the Sunset is great

by Limster 21 years ago

Arizmendi Bakery opened about a week ago on 9th Ave (between Judah and Irving) and I am quite a fan already. The prices there are cheap, but the stuff from their ovens are excellent. The breads ...

West side butcher shop?

by grace 21 years ago

Hello, Can anyone recommend a good butcher shop around the west side of Chicago? I'm in the neighborhood around North & Harlem (close to Caputo's and Johnnie's Italian Beef, yum). I imagine Oak P...

Need Good Source for French Dessert Wine

by Barry 21 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of sampling an incredible dark, ruby red dessert wine, accompanying a chocolate dessert...it completely blew me away! The French dessert wine was : Mas Amiel Vintage, ...

Perfect Evening at Bouley Bakery (long)

by Fred 21 years ago

My friends and I went to Bouley Bakery last night. Since I had heard numerous accounts of atrocious waits and complications despite having reservations, I decided to prepare myself for the worst. ...

Southern Westchester - Thai Grocery

by Peter Bernstein 21 years ago

I thought some of you might be interested in learning about a Thai grocery in Yonkers. It's called TK Thai and it's on the service road on the east side of the Major Deagan (87) between Yonkers Av...

Any Japanese Groceries?

by M 21 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for Japanese Groceries in Manhattan. I love the one on 59 betw 2&3, but it's kind of a pain to get to. Any suggestions? I"m looking specifically for Matcha tea (the green powd...

Dry aged Steaks - any recs for great butchers in San Fran???

by srf1 21 years ago

I've been to Bryan's, Whole Foods, Cal Mart, etc. Looking for a great butcher for dry-aged steaks, lamb, etc. Any recommendations?? Would like to be able to specify size, etc. Thanks in advance.

Rustic Bakery (Tampa)

by andy huse 21 years ago

Here's another good place on MacDill in Tampa--- Pane Rustica. First and foremost a bakery, they make a variety of kick-ass breads in several forms (loaf, round, etc) along with a few sweete...

Sunmerry Bakery in Fort Lee

by Jason "What me worry?" Perlow 21 years ago

The previously posted threads about Yaohan and Ft Lee Pizzeria rekindled my memory about Sunmerry Bakery on Palisade Ave in FT Lee, in the shopping center with the Burger King across from Food Empo...

Sendik's: grocery paradise in Milwaukee

by Christine 21 years ago

I have just been to the Sendik's grocery store on Downer Ave(st?) in Milwaukee and I am in awe. Prime meats, great looking seafood, diverse wines, shelves of oils, mustards, condiments...and the f...

farmer's markets

by Sirina 21 years ago

Is it ok to ask a non-restaurant food question? I've been trying to figure out where and when all the farmer's markets are in the area. I go to the one at the Sheridan School, on Alton Place N...

Moon Cakes at Eastern Bakery-SF Chinatown

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

Reading Maria’s post in General Topics about moon cakes prompted me to seek out these once-a-year treats this week for the first time in a long time. The Autumn Festival is Sept. 9, and then the m...

Back in town, a new (to me) find--Genuine Bakery

by Gabriel Solis 21 years ago

Having spent a long-ish vacation home in California, eating tacos from the trucks two or three times a day, I had to take a little time off before I ate something I didn't cook again. But that i...

not at all about food - source for men's clothing in DC?

by jen kalb 21 years ago

mea culpa, but if anyone knows of a good reasonably priced source for sober men's office wear and shoes in DC or B'More, please send me a note - my son started a cap hill internship yesterday and f...

$2.99 white wine bargain @ Grocery Outlet

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

My mom loves prowling the aisles at the Grocery Outlet for bargains and close-outs and stops in at least once a week to see what’s new. I joined her hunt last weekend down in Salinas. I needed to...

favorite wine shop in westchester??

by stephen kaye 21 years ago

other than zachy's in scarsdale, whats your favorite?? where is it?? and why please??? thx much in adv.

Gravenstein Apples

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, head up to Russian River Valley in western Sonoma County and grab the end of the season Gravenstein apples. Look for farmstands along HWY 116-Gr...

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