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2021/22 Live Local Dungeness Crab Price Watch

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

The Dungeness Crab season kicked off today, December 1, in California for areas north of the Sonoma County line, and also in Oregon and Washington. The fleet began dropping pots two days earlier an...

Which dough hook is better?

by LilRedHen 20 minutes ago

I am still using the original style dough hook that came with my Kitchenaid K5A mixer. It doesn't do a very good job. Is the spiral dough hook better?


Vintage copper ID

by Argent 8 hours ago

Hi! I've been lurking around here for a while now, reading and learning about cookware, but I haven't made an account until now. I picked up a couple of copper pieces from the thrift store and I'm ...


by MonicaMadeIt 3 months ago

We nominated a total of 18 cookbooks, and the top 2 nominees are Milk Street Tuesday Nights with 7 votes and Simply Julia with 6. It’s now time to vote for the book you’d like to cook from communa...

DECEMBER 2021 COTM Milk Street Tuesday Nights - Main Thread

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 months ago

Here's the main thread for Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Tuesday Nights. Please use this thread for discussion of the book as a whole, ingredients or online recipes. Links to the reporting t...

DECEMBER 2021 COTM Voting Thread

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 months ago

For December we nominated a total of 15 cookbooks, from which the top nominees were The Christmas Chronicles with 7 votes and Milk Street Tuesday Nights and From the Oven to the Table with 5 votes...

MOZZA AT HOME - January 2022 COTM

by MelMM 19 days ago

This is the main discussion thread for our January, 2022 COTM, MOZZA AT HOME. Use this thread for general discussion of the book, ingredients, etc. To report on a recipe, please use the threads lin...

February 2022 Cookbook of the Month Nominations

by MonicaMadeIt 8 days ago

Hello hello! As January speeds past us, it's time to consider what cookbook we'd like to work through together in February. Is it still stew/roasting season? Dreaming of future travels? Looking...

February 2022 COTM VOTING

by MonicaMadeIt 26 minutes ago

Hello COTM'ers and newcomers! We nominated 19 books for February. The top 2 nominees are Simple Thai Food by Leela Punyaratabandu (6 votes) and Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten (7 votes). This ...

Boichik Bagels in Berkeley?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Boichik Bagels opened its long-awaited brick and mortar on Black Friday in the venue where Noah's got its start. Yesterday morning I stopped by the one-week old shop a little after 10am to find a s...

What's For Dinner #459 (January 2022) - Happy New Year!

by Amandarama 19 days ago

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already January 1st! Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share rec...

Costco Food Finds - 2022

by treb 20 days ago

Here we are, a new year and lots to look forward to at Costco. There were many exciting food items this past year, hopefully, we’ll see more in 2022. Please tell us what area you're from when p...


Be cautious with that dash of spice from a new bottle

by MidwesternerTT 10 hours ago

Sometime in the last 2 years, McCormick changed the tops under their flip-top spice containers to all have 5 large holes. While this might be fine for larger-leaf seasonings like parsley or oregan...

Carmel Recommendations

by mike0989 3 years ago

We will be in Carmel for a few nights the weekend of September 7th. I’m looking for recommendations for one nice meal out as well as a few moderately priced ones. Some places we have tried in the...


Oil and vinegar on salads

by pindert 5 hours ago

Probably a dumb question, but here goes anyway... You know how sometimes there is a set of oil-and-vinegar cruets on the table for dressing your salad? Well, I've only done it a time or two, and ...


An American Deba knife in the home kitchen? Cultural fusion is here

by drrayeye 1 day ago

The Deba knife has been a very specialized knife used in Japan for removing the head and separating the flesh from the bones in fish--combining the functions of a cleaver and fillet knife in one. ...

Weekly Menu Planning January 2022

by MidwesternerTT 22 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in January. It's helpful if you can include your location and how many people you are feeding. Links to recipes are always a...

Are We Ready For 2022 Foodie Resolutions?

by mtskeeter 25 days ago

Here we go approaching a new year! There are lots of possibilities before us for experimenting, refining and posibly retraining our palates. Is there something you've been wanting to try foodwise? ...

Favourite dish in Toronto right now?

by prima 7 hours ago

What’s your favourite dish right now? Or this past week? Any price point, any cuisine.