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What's For Dinner #435 (January 2020) - Fall/Winter

by Amandarama 19 days ago

Didn't see a new one for this yet so, here we go. Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - wit...


Healthy bread - raising issue

by RuHappy69 1 day ago

Help. I substituted garbanzo bean flour (1cup worth) from my normal recipe of 4 cups of white wheat bread - so 3 cups wheat and 1 cup garbanzo flour. Dough was proper consistency (sticky but not we...


Rye Flour/Meal in the Triangle

by Remsleep 4 days ago

Having received excellent feedback on my first go at sourdough rye bread, I'm looking to branch out. Unfortunately, rye flour is hard to find and rye meal is so far non-extant. WF* and HT have Arro...


Italian Near Theater District

by Nunzio 1 day ago

Looking for a good Italian restaurant to go to after a show. Thanks

Weekly Menu Planning - January 2020

by MidwesternerTT 28 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in January. Do you have a food resolution on your list? Weekly planning helps keep those on-track. It lowers daily str...

White Castle Hamburgers Frozen Review

by FriedChickenLover 9 years ago

I have had a number of times the White Castle Hamburgers when I lived in the Long Island area.They are all over the place. I have always preferred the fresh cooked to frozen. Since living in Conn...


Dish of the Month - NOMINATIONS, February 2020

by LulusMom 1 day ago

It’s nomination time here at Dish of the Month! What dish sounds especially exciting to cook together this month? So many interesting nominations in the past year that came close to being Dish of t...


White salt crusted pistachio nuts

by irStevi 10 hours ago

Where can I find the white salt crusted pistachio nuts? Don't know who carries them but I sure would like to find a supplier. Just want them for personal use, but my friends like them too.

Best way to cook a Capon

by VFish 2 hours ago

Hi, everyone, I have a Capon that I need to prepare. I've roasted and spatchcocked chickens, but I've not done a Capon before so I wanted to know if there is some optimal way to cook this bird....

Duck Confit for four: proportions?

by mixtapepanda 8 days ago

I was feeling inspired specifically by Matty Matheson's "Cowboy Confit" but his recipe only calls for two duck legs, and particularly for my family, that's not going to feed four people. Is one per...

Lagostina Lagofusion 28 cm saute pan / rondeau

by damiano 28 days ago

In another thread on induction cooking by VFish, there has been some discussion on the Lagostina Accademia Lagofusion line. As that thread has expanded quite a bit, and to make future searches easi...


Need Help with Frozen Seafood Mix

by Sararob 1 day ago

I bought a 1 lb bag of Fremont Frozen Seafood Mix at Aldi's yesterday. It contains shrimp, mussels, calamari and bay scallops. I want to use it in Brazilian fish stew recipe (substituting for the 1...


Hot Chicken, a/k/a 'Nashville Hot', in SD

by cstr 3 days ago

Well, I was on Garnet & Cass in PB and noticed 'another' coming soon sign. Yes, I'm used to seeing such signs far too often, restaurants come and go fairly quick around here. Anyho, I digress...


Tri-Ply Copper Cookware?

by melajoh 5 days ago

I'm semi-seriously considering buying a nice, high-end copper skillet. Looking at M-B, Mauviel, Falk, etc. (Love the new Falk copper core, which I found out about here, but want that lovely copper ...

COQ AU VIN - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, January 2020

by RainyRamone 20 days ago

Welcome to the January 2020 Dish of the Month reporting thread! This month we will be cooking the quintessential French dish, Coq au Vin. According to ‘The Real French Foods’ culinary website: ...

Opinions on The Wandering Goose?

by kaleokahu 11 hours ago

OK, I went to TWG for the first time last weekend after Wahine discovered their website, replete with hundreds of well-styled food photos. I'm going to withhold my opinion of that experience until...

Momo Yakitori

by wineloverdc 12 months ago

Having heard good things about this place on Rhode Island Avenue {near South Dakota} we went on a cold Monday. We arrived to a mostly empty restaurant and were greeted by Ume, the waiter/host. We...


I want to learn to cook dishes like "Ladybird"'s!

by DMelanogaster 6 days ago

I have eaten at the East Village vegan restaurant Ladybird twice in the last week. I LOVE this food (and I am no vegan & find most vegan cuisine very...meh). I was taken there and loved the food so...