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Trip Report: Emilia-Romagna/Piedmont/Milan

by JohnTalbotWannabe 2 days ago

We recently spent time in some of Northern Italy. Thank you to the many of you whose posts on this forum helped us i...


lisaonthecape commented 2 minutes ago

Nominations - Home Cooking Dish of the Month: September 2017

by masha 3 days ago

Welcome to the Nominations thread for the September 2017 Dish of the Month. For those unfamiliar with the Home Cooki...

PennyG commented 3 minutes ago

Too Much Salt... ?

by Augie6 8 hours ago

So, I've came a LONG way since by first days here at Chowhound.... However, I am having a slight issue.. All of a sud...

paulj commented 5 minutes ago

anyone tried Nico's Aikahi?

by indelibledotink 8 minutes ago

Nico's took over Pinky's bar. Parking lot is always jam packed.


by pistachio peas 5 months ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: PASTA & NOODLES (p. 175-205); and TOFU (& A...


pavlova commented 28 minutes ago

Where Should I Get Choucroute Garnie in Paris?

by therealdoctorlew 1 hour ago

Making eating plans for our upcoming Paris trip. One dish that I like is not particularly fancy, and certainly not m...

Keurig and freshly ground coffee

by bxgirl 3 years ago

I have been buying a variety if k-cups for my Keurig, since I got the machine about 4 years ago. I have decided to t...


elmntl1 commented 1 hour ago

Birthday Cake for Smashing? WTF?

by ricepad 2 days ago

Yesterday our family celebrated the newest addition's 1st birthday. My niece - the honoree's mother - ordered a reall...


ricepad commented 1 hour ago

Freezing fruit syrups?

by nofunlatte 7 years ago

Hello, all! Can fruit syrups be frozen successfully? I'd like to make some blackberry syrup and save it until my fo...


ricepad commented 1 hour ago

Weekly Menu Plans – August 2017

by MidwesternerTT 28 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in August. Will you travel? Are you plannin...

pistachio peas commented 1 hour ago

Baking for baby

by MumbaiCentral 9 hours ago

Hey, Would like to start baking treats for my baby (9 months) but we are trying to avoid added sugars and salt to ...


masha commented 1 hour ago

Tips on making croissants?

by atlantanative 11 years ago

I don't usually bake much, but have a craving for croissants and thought I'd give it a shot (yikes!) Anyone with mor...


amandathecook commented 1 hour ago

Is mayonaise *really* dangerous if left out?

by Howard-2 15 years ago

With summer approaching, we're sure to start hearing those warnings about the dangers of leaving potato salad (et al)...


tsmall07 commented 1 hour ago

September Openings and Closings

by hiddenboston 12 months ago

Looks like a busy month of openings coming up, though you never know with delays on openings and such. b.good is retu...

Ferrari328 commented 1 hour ago

Reservations for French Laundry

by The Chowhound Team 4 months ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging French Laundry reservations, we have created this pos...


p_lm commented 1 hour ago

First time in Chicago

by Late to the party 3 hours ago

Hi there, my wife and I are on our way last minute to Chicago for the ZBB concert this Saturday at Wrigley. We have ...

nsxtasy commented 2 hours ago

Fresh local corn near Cambridgeport

by daveinmd 2 days ago

Guys, where do you go to get farm-fresh (i.e. picked same-day or the night before) corn? I live in Cambridgeport ...


PeterHG commented 2 hours ago

Restaurants Near Cardinal Lemoine

by Garthm 1 day ago

Hello all, I am starting this thread for my parents who are going to Paris the last week of August. They are stayi...


UPDoc commented 2 hours ago