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Help - home renovation = need for crockpot recipes

by Weiszguy 14 years ago

Hello - Long and short of it is I have been without an oven/stove since Memorial Day. I was doing okay with the grill until the cold weather hit and now I'm jonesing for soup/stew/chili/anything h...

Why I won't bother brining again...(longish rant)

by Carb Lover 14 years ago

Well, after several yrs. of hearing much about the virtues of brining and being particularly swayed by hounds this year, I decided to give the brine method a whirl. I would rate last yr's turkey as...

How to change my embittered relationship w/ radicchio?

by Carb Lover 14 years ago

I recently purchased a couple of beautiful heads of radicchio from my local farmer's market. They looked fresh--leaves were tight and vibrant. I have never cooked w/ radicchio before--only have h...

Russian eggs

by Shmingrid 14 years ago

Was out to dinner the other night and one of my companions ordered an appetizer of lox with "russian eggs". The egg portion of the dish looked like a scoop of pale orange sherbert. I wasn't given a...

Christmas Pork Roast ?

by Kim 14 years ago

It's my turn to host Christmas dinner this year. I was thinking about doing a pork loin, since everyone is tired of turkey, ham for Easter and I can't afford a beef tenderloin. But cooking a pork r...

cooking buffalo (bison)

by dknywbg 14 years ago

I bought a couple of pounds of buffalo stew meat the other day--my husband loves beef but has been told to stay away b/c of cholesterol. The idea of a warm, rich stew is really appealing to me, but...


by ACM 14 years ago

Man, it's all too much. I used to be content with my good old all-purpose (unbleached) white flour. Then I experimented with other types, and before you know it I was in over my head. I need some c...

frozen salmon

by tired 14 years ago

I have a frozen salmon fillet in the freezer and am trying to think of a simple idea to make it more tasty. I was thinking of preparing it with the ginger scallion sauce recipe described in a prev...

Speaking of Latkes... Brisket Recipes?

by Emme 14 years ago

I don't eat brisket myself, but I volunteered to make the brisket this year. Grandma loves her job as latka guru. Does anyone have any great recipes for brisket? My mom used to cook it, starting...

Pecan meal

by Chuck 14 years ago

For anybody who does not know what this particular product is...In the pecan stores that are found at various Southern cities along the Interstates, they sell it in bags like corn meal. Anyway, d...

recipes for porcinis

by Nathan Lee 14 years ago

A friend just came back from a successful mushroom foraging trip and gave me a quart of tried porcinis. I've searched and found some recipes that sound good, but would really like to learn some fro...

Calling Southwest cooks--New mexico style chile verde recipe?

by patrick 14 years ago

I grew up in Colorado, and my subsequent urban life in Seattle and the Bay Area has been spent learning more about mexican food than I ever knew was possible. However, there is one thing I have nev...

So what did you learn from your Thanksgiving meal?

by Wendy Lai 14 years ago

I learned that even though it saves time, it's not a god idea to pre-slice potato and soak in water. While the water keeps them from turning black, it leaches out the starch and curls up the slice...

how to prepare oatmeal?

by macca 14 years ago

what's your favorite method of preparing oatmeal. stovetop or slowcooker or microwave? my attempts have not been too appetizing!

dulce de leche?

by rds 14 years ago

I was thinking about making some for holiday gifts. Do you have a favorite recipe?

Bluefish Recipe Variation Help?

by bk 14 years ago

I just bought my first piece of bluefish and seems as though I'm missing the 1 vital ingredient from each recipe I see. No...not the mayo. Epicurious says to broil w/a mayo/fennel seed dressin...

Garlic Noodles?

by WorkinginSF 14 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe to share for garlic noodles, similar to those served at Thanh Long?

ideas for a vegetarian T-day main dish?

by chowcat 14 years ago

We're staying in and cooking tomorrow. This is our first vegetarian Thanksgiving and I feel there is a great, big, turkey-shaped void in the meal. I'm not interested in Tofurkey or other meat subs...

homemade marshmellow, worth the effort?

by Wendy Lai 14 years ago

I read this recipe in the Dec. issue of Living that is of peppermint swirl marshmellows. They look so lovely, I'd like to include them in my give-away goodie box this year. In general I don't eve...

Salmon Patty Additions

by chardgirl 14 years ago

For Thanksgiving, we had a small turkey, and my cousin's fisherman boyfriend brought a large salmon and fried it up like they do in his Greek village, for an appetizer! (had I known, I would have s...

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