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Substitute For Fish Sauce

by FrenziedTexasMomma 14 hours ago

Almost afraid to ask. I know there isn't a true substitute for the real thing. But, here goes. My SIL is very allergi...


FrenziedTexasMomma commented 3 hours ago

Salsa help!

by amayats 15 hours ago

So, I've spent several months trying to replicate the salsa at one of my favorite taquerias. I've made a lot of good ...


amayats commented 4 hours ago

What's for Dinner #410 (December 2017) - Sparkling Table Edition

by MidwesternerTT 13 days ago

Whether hosting guests or enjoying a meal for one, this is the time of year to treat ourselves to beautiful table-set...


mike0989 commented 6 hours ago

What Are You Baking These Days? December 2017 Edition!

by TorontoJo 14 days ago

There's a separate Holiday Treats thread, but not all our December baking will be for the holidays. So...what are you...


charmedgirl commented 6 hours ago

January 2018 COTM: Nominations

by MelMM 7 days ago

I know it's crazy early and we've barely started on the December books, but I would like to have some extra time to g...

RainyRamone commented 7 hours ago

What Cookbooks Have You Bought Lately, or Are You Lusting After? December 2017 Edition!

by buttertart 13 days ago

A little late to the party, but...I have just finished reading the ATK cookie book, and there is almost nothing in it...

mrshalf commented 7 hours ago

December 2017–February 2018 Baking Cookbook of Month: CLASSIC GERMAN BAKING

by Caitlin McGrath 3 days ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the Winter BCOTM, CLASSIC GERMAN BAKING by Luisa Weiss. We'll be baking together ...

Caitlin McGrath commented 7 hours ago

September 2017 COTM: Nomination Thread

by MelMM 4 months ago

Here in the U.S. the football pre-season games have started, yet where I live, fall weather is still months away. So ...

mrshalf commented 7 hours ago

Country Ham question

by jecjec 14 hours ago

I have just been gifted an uncooked aged deboned trimmed country ham without skin . Other than pan fried slices, how ...


medlar commented 7 hours ago

Make ahead dishes for Christmas

by pumpkinspice 2 days ago

What are your favourite make ahead dishes for Christmas? Ideally, I can put it together a week in advance (freeze if ...


Querencia commented 8 hours ago

What's your traditional Christmas dinner?

by coffeebean79 8 days ago

My parents were not foodies and I didn't grow up with any solid Christmas dinner traditions. I have two young kids (w...


patb123 commented 9 hours ago

SPICED NUTS – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, December 2017

by masha 15 days ago

Welcome to our Reporting Thread for our December Dish of the Month (“DOTM”). For those new to our DOTM series, the p...

MelMM commented 10 hours ago

Sicilian Italian Toto Cookies- Chocolate with Fruit, Nuts and Spice

by junipero 10 hours ago

These are my all time favorite cookies so I thought I would share the recipe. Chocolate with a subtle spice. Reminds ...

Parchment paper, teflon and high temps

by Chikklinlittle 13 hours ago

I had been using parchment paper at all temps from 325 F to 500 F. I fond this warnng on the parchment paper I have u...

mebby commented 13 hours ago

Green Tea Ice Cream Topping

by aronsinvest 4 days ago

I'm having an Asian dinner...serving green tea ice cream with a few almond cookies. Beside red beans what else could ...


pandathebaker commented 13 hours ago

Sichuan peppercorns - best ones to buy and what dishes to use them in

by blustery 13 hours ago

Where would I buy the best sichuan peppercorns and what dishes could I make using them? Do they need to be ground or...

Indian cooking - making garam masala

by blustery 1 day ago

My question is about the cardomom pods. Many years ago a lady from the north of India said that it is okay to grind...


blustery commented 13 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans – December 2017

by MidwesternerTT 20 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in December. What’s planned from the COTM (C...

herby commented 13 hours ago

Tried and true electric pressure cooker recipes

by VFish 1 month ago

Hello, I am new to Chowhound, started in the cookware section trying to figure out new cookware. I am also new to...


Nannybakes commented 13 hours ago

I bought frozen mussels before I knew any better

by iheartcooking 3 years ago

So I went shopping for tinned seafood because lately that's what I'm into. Weird I know, but I wanted to try the many...


saregama commented 13 hours ago