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My Side Dish Made My Food Bland

by wavebeast 1 month ago

Hey, new poster here and I need help (please). I combined a few recipes and slow cooker techniques to make a sout...


wavebeast commented 7 minutes ago

Weekly Menu Plans – May 2017 First Half

by MidwesternerTT 26 days ago

May – A month filled with celebrations from Cinco de Mayo, to Mother’s Day (also known as “Fishing Opener Weekend” he...


ChervilGeorge commented 18 minutes ago

What Are You Baking These Days? May, 2017 edition!

by buttertart 23 days ago

Here we go with May, in which my husband needs a birthday cake baked (think I'll do George Lang's Ilona Torte, one I ...

rasputina commented 44 minutes ago

Finding (and recognizing) Gochujang

by SuzieCK 6 days ago

OK. So I'm tantalized by the possibility of incorporating the Korean condiment Gochujang into my cooking. Problem. I ...

Allstonian commented 1 hour ago

Suggestions for Marinades

by youdoofus 3 hours ago

I have been really wanting to use worcestershire sauce in a marinade for quite some time, but im not sure which direc...

dave_c commented 1 hour ago

What's for Dinner #403 (May 2017) - The Favorite Season Edition

by ChristinaMason 16 days ago

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." -Edwin Way Teale Agree or disagre...

EllenCooks commented 1 hour ago


by Allegra_K 1 year ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Eggs - p. 143-150 Legumes & Grains - p. 151-174 Sides - p. 175-194 ...

EllenCooks commented 1 hour ago

need ideas for using sundried tomatoes in oil

by yesidid 7 years ago

I got sundried tomatoes coming out the patootie!!! I broke down and just had to have this giant jar of sundried t...


boratini commented 1 hour ago

Lots of fresh oregano

by AreBe 5 days ago

My little patch of oregano is off to a great start this spring. It and the rosemary seem to thrive on neglect which i...

AreBe commented 2 hours ago

Ebook Deals of the Minute II

by MmeFleiss 2 months ago

As promised, here's a new thread for the ebook deals. These deals seem to go by so fast, so just a reminder the sale ...

MelMM commented 2 hours ago

June Dish of the Month (DOTM) Nomination Thread

by LulusMom 4 days ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for June 2017 Dish of the Month! If you’re new here, or if you just want a refres...

Berheenia commented 3 hours ago

Kasha Varnishkes recipe?

by junglekitte 10 years ago

anyone have a delicious tried and true Kasha Varnishkes recipe? thanks soooooo much!


SewHelpMe commented 3 hours ago

DAN DAN NOODLES - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, May 2017

by herby 24 days ago

This was a tight competition between Dutch Babies and Dan Dan Noodles. Though dan dan noodles won this time, I am sur...

ad7yn commented 4 hours ago

Question about canning safety

by NonnieMuss 15 days ago

I'm in about my third year of canning - mostly jams, pickles, and salsa so far, but I have a soup recipe I'd love to ...

NonnieMuss commented 4 hours ago

The Quest for the Perfect Home-made Pizza

by pizza_warrior 17 days ago

Starting off... I'm a real newb in the kitchen. My girlfriend will usually do most of the cooking, and I'll happily ...

TastyReuben commented 4 hours ago

Cooking from The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Book, by Deb Perelman

by Goblin 6 months ago

The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Cookbook was a very close contender for Cookbook of the Month, December 2016. Since the...

DuffyH commented 5 hours ago

Jumbo Lobsters

by BostonTparty 2 days ago

Anyone have experience cooking jumbo lobsters? Lobsters in the six pound plus range? The largest one I ever cooked wa...


BostonTparty commented 5 hours ago

Re-canning commercial dill pickles

by caiatransplant 1 day ago

Hi All. I needed a 1 gallon jar for a limoncello project and couldn't find one that was a full gallon, so bought a g...

Ttrockwood commented 16 hours ago

MAY 2017 COTM: AOC, reports on Meat & Vegetables

by pistachio peas 25 days ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from AOC: MEAT & VEGETABLES (p. 163-259) If you are t...

RainyRamone commented 18 hours ago

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