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June 2016 Cookbook of the Month: THE MOZZA COOKBOOK by Nancy Silverton

by Allegra_K 12 months ago

Welcome to the June 2016 edition of the Cookbook of the Month, where we will be exploring the food from The Mozza Coo...


boratini commented 5 minutes ago

Overpowering Flavors-Apples

by ananana 2 months ago

So I just bought some tamarin/chamoy apples. They're delicious, but the flavor is too powerful for the rest of my fam...

The_Libster commented 9 minutes ago

Announcement Thread: June 2017, COTM: THE MALAYSIAN KITCHEN

by pistachio peas 14 hours ago

I can't remember the last time a runner up made it to winner only one month later. But here we are, with our next Coo...

pistachio peas commented 34 minutes ago

Finding (and recognizing) Gochujang

by SuzieCK 8 days ago

OK. So I'm tantalized by the possibility of incorporating the Korean condiment Gochujang into my cooking. Problem. I ...


SuzieCK commented 40 minutes ago

What Cookbooks Have You Bought Lately, or Are You Lusting After? April, 2017 Edition! [Old]

by buttertart 2 months ago

Better late than never! March was a blur for me, first my husband got sick and then I did. I had no idea viral br...


boratini commented 1 hour ago

What homemade food gifts are good for mailing?

by alohanancy 7 months ago

Hi! Thank you in advance for your help! Instead of buying Christmas gifts for my extended family I think I'm just g...

The_Libster commented 1 hour ago

What To Do With Pickled Pork?

by Felliott 1 hour ago

I am making red beans and rice for memorial day. I'm using Kenji's recipe for the red beans and rice, and Alton Brown...

What's for Dinner #403 (May 2017) - The Favorite Season Edition

by ChristinaMason 18 days ago

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." -Edwin Way Teale Agree or disagre...


mike0989 commented 2 hours ago

Burmese recipe needed!

by Mandy 13 hours ago

I'm in need of a Burmese recipe to serve to my book club...we are reading a book set in Burma. It must be, 1. vegeta...


Madrid commented 2 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans – May 2017 First Half

by MidwesternerTT 28 days ago

May – A month filled with celebrations from Cinco de Mayo, to Mother’s Day (also known as “Fishing Opener Weekend” he...

pistachio peas commented 2 hours ago

What Are You Baking These Days? May, 2017 edition!

by buttertart 25 days ago

Here we go with May, in which my husband needs a birthday cake baked (think I'll do George Lang's Ilona Torte, one I ...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 hours ago

June 2017 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companion Voting

by Caitlin McGrath 7 days ago

EDITED TO ADD: As L.Nightshade rightly pointed out, I shorted Chowhounds a voting choice. Because she caught my error...

Multifoiled commented 4 hours ago

Voting thread: Cookbook of the Month, June 2017

by pistachio peas 8 days ago

Another busy nominating round yielded a total of 21 nominations. The two most popular are now our finalists for June ...

pistachio peas commented 14 hours ago

Summer 2017 Baking Cookbook of the Month Voting

by Caitlin McGrath 6 days ago

Though several books were nominated for June–August 2017 quarter Baking COTM, two titles commanded the lion's share o...

Caitlin McGrath commented 15 hours ago

Suggestions for Marinades

by youdoofus 2 days ago

I have been really wanting to use worcestershire sauce in a marinade for quite some time, but im not sure which direc...

MidwesternerTT commented 16 hours ago

Spinach kick

by pumpkinspice 25 days ago

We are on a spinach kick over here and I have a few blocks of spinach in the freezer (also some fresh in the fridge)....


Querencia commented 17 hours ago

Dried beans in chili- just soak or cook before adding?

by jessicheese 4 years ago

I usually use canned beans in my chili but want to try dried. I know that I should soak them overnight, but do I nee...


Sherrie_8 commented 19 hours ago

MAY 2017 DOTM: Voting

by herby 30 days ago

Enthusiastic nominations again this month where over 20 dishes were nominated. Three dishes jumped ahead and will be ...

LulusMom commented 20 hours ago

DAN DAN NOODLES - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, May 2017

by herby 26 days ago

This was a tight competition between Dutch Babies and Dan Dan Noodles. Though dan dan noodles won this time, I am sur...

LulusMom commented 20 hours ago

June 2017 DOTM (Dish of the Month) Voting

by LulusMom 20 hours ago

Thanks for the lively nominations thread. Two dishes stood out: seafood cakes and potato salad, both of which sound h...

LulusMom commented 20 hours ago

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