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Good Easy Meals around 30 minutes from start-to-table

by MidwesternerTT 5 months ago

Per a request in the Weekly Menu Plans discussion, what are your tried-and-true meals that can be prepared in 30 minu...

Ttrockwood commented 8 minutes ago

Do you have a good corn & red pepper recipe?

by elsol 9 minutes ago

I had lunch at the Aria buffet in Las Vegas the other day, and had a dish I hadn't had in so long, I forgot how much ...

Which Weight to Go by When Baking?

by lacoet55 2 days ago

I’m a firm believer in weighing ingredients for any baking recipe. That said , lately I’m feeling confused by the fol...


lacoet55 commented 1 hour ago

Anyone care to discuss cassoulet yet again?

by Kimnamkimchi 1 month ago

##(editing out the words 'Ina Garden pretty much dissed' so we can actually discuss cassoulet, the validity of bothe...

RainyRamone commented 2 hours ago

The Best Miso Book?

by NateHevens 8 hours ago

A lot of people have called William Shurtleff's "The Book of Miso" the definitive book. Sadly, however, it appears to...


MikeG commented 2 hours ago

Ebook Deals of the Minute 2018

by Caitlin McGrath 21 days ago

Here's the place to share those great cookbook deals that come up for ebook versions in various formats this year. Th...


sr44 commented 3 hours ago

DOTM February 2018: Nominations

by MelMM 3 days ago

Time to take a quick pause from layering your lasagne to consider what we'd like to cook in February. If you are j...

herby commented 3 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - January 2018

by MidwesternerTT 25 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in January. What’s planned from the COTM (Co...

ChristinaMason commented 5 hours ago

Nigella's Bread with Warm milk comfort food

by chalenegirl 11 years ago

hi guys, i was watching Nigella Feasts the other night and she made this dish that i have never seen or heard of b...


Querencia commented 5 hours ago

Help! Need Ideas for Gluten-Free Mains and Sides

by PennyG 1 day ago

I had a dear friend reach out and ask if I would provide him and his family some basic cooking lessons. It is him, h...


Querencia commented 6 hours ago

Cooking From Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks, Part 3

by DuffyH 14 days ago

Please join us in cooking with your electric pressure cooker and posting about your experiences here. You can cook fr...

MelMM commented 6 hours ago

Any recipes that use Annato seeds?

by kgreig 8 years ago

On a whim, I purchased Annato seeds, having recalled seeing them in various recipes over the years. Trouble is...I c...


bbbarlow commented 7 hours ago

How do you make your beef (or veal) stock?

by rp17 12 hours ago

I make chicken stock quite frequently, and even tried Marcella Hazan's "meat broth" recently. Now I want to make a r...

hotoynoodle commented 7 hours ago

Baking wild sockeye salmon

by musiclvr56 3 days ago

A few times when I made this, I took it out of the oven before it was going to be overcooked and chewy, but the salmo...


Madrid commented 7 hours ago

Slow-Cooking Brisket in an Oven

by mborghese 6 years ago

Hi there; I just bought a whole beef brisket (10lbs). I created a Texas-style dry rub from a recipe I found on...


astrogazer commented 9 hours ago

What Are You Baking These Days? January 2018 Edition!

by TorontoJo 20 days ago

Happy New Year, baking 'hounds! As most of the Eastern half of North America is in a deep freeze, turning on one's ov...

MidwesternerTT commented 9 hours ago

Homemade spring roll wrappers drying out after filling

by vjtaylor 11 hours ago

I made these Shanghai spring roll wrappers (which were SO much fun to make - video at the link!) yesterday, wrapping ...


MikeG commented 11 hours ago