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Cheesy potato casserole with jalapeno

by sbbodcderf 3 days ago

I want to make some sort of Cheesy potato casserole jalapeno, so I need some opinions. I was thinking of either some version of scalloped/au gratin, or with shredded potatoes. First, all th...


Can I use olive juice or pickle juice to brine a pork tenderloin?

by sweet100s 1 day ago

I have been saving empty jars of olives and pickles for some unknown reason in the fridge. Could I use the Olive juice to brine a pork tenderloin before sous vide? How dilute would I need to ...

Weekly Menu Planning - May 2019

by MidwesternerTT 22 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in May. It's helpful if you can include your location and how many people you are feeding. Links to recipes are always appre...

Risotto: Home Cooking Dish of the month (February 2013)

by L.Nightshade 6 years ago

This month we will be cooking Risotto. It was a tight race, but risotto edged out the competition. If you'd like to view the voting thread, click here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/887928 ...

Ebook Deals of the Minute 2019

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 5 months ago

Here's the place to share those great cookbook deals that come up for ebook versions in various formats this year. These deals seem to go by so fast, so just a reminder the sale might be over by th...


Home Cooking Dish of the Month - June 2019 Nominations

by LulusMom 6 hours ago

It’s nomination time here at Dish of the Month! What dish sounds especially exciting to cook together this month? So many interesting nominations in the past year that came close to being Dish of t...


June 2019 Cookbook of the Month VOTING!

by Westminstress 3 days ago

Welcome to another Cookbook of the Month (COTM) vote! We are ready for summer! Out of the 36(!) books nominated, our top two vote getters (with 9 and 13 votes respectively) are: MARGARITAVILLE and...

What’s for Dinner #427 (May 2019) - Spring

by sallyt 20 days ago

Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - with our modifications noted. What's for Dinner? Phot...


Summer 2019 Cocktail Companion Cookbook of the Month VOTING

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 13 hours ago

Welcome to the voting round for our Summer 2019 COTM Cocktail Companion! This year saw a record 19 individual titles nominated, but two books emerged with the most nominations, and they are both pe...

Waffles: Home Cooking Dish of the Month March 2019

by L.Nightshade 3 months ago

Welcome to the Home Cooking DOTM reporting thread for March 2019. This month we’ll be making WAFFLES! To see how we got here, you can take a peek at the nomination thread: https://www.chowhound....

Home Cooking Dish of the Month - May 2019 Voting

by MelMM 24 days ago

The nominations are tallied and now it is time to vote on our May Dish of the Month. To see the full nomination process, check out the thread here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/home-cooking-dish-...

Home Cooking Dish of the Month - May 2019 Nominations

by MelMM 1 month ago

It is April, and where I am, we've definitely been having April showers. Or more accurately, thunderstorms. I'm looking forward to less drama in the weather department in May. And what will be on t...

LEGUME SALADS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, May 2019

by MelMM 20 days ago

Welcome to the May 2019 Dish of the Month reporting thread! Our dish for May will be LEGUME SALADS. This is a category that includes iconic American dishes like three-bean salad and Texas caviar...

April 2019 COTM SFAH: Sauces and Desserts

by Westminstress 2 months ago

Welcome to April 2019 Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT: SAUCES, p. 358 BUTTER-AND-FLOUR DOUGHS, p...


Summer 2019 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companion NOMINATIONS

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 7 days ago

Roll up your bartending sleeves and get out your shakers, for another summer means it's time once again to collectively drink our way through a cocktail book! To nominate a book and have your no...

May 2019 COTM Nigella Kitchen: More Comforts, pages 350-471

by Westminstress 19 days ago

Welcome to May 2019 Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of NIGELLA KITCHEN: THE SOLACE OF STIRRING, page 350 THE BONE COLLECT...

What cookbooks are you lusting after or buying these days? March & April 2019 edition!

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 3 months ago

What's on your spring cookbook agenda? I've been pretty successful recently in holding off on new books (I need to give more time to what I already own), but I trust you all will tempt me soon enough!

Da U Batti (Santa Margherita Ligure) seafood scampi recipe

by uncledunkel 8 years ago

I was lucky enough to eat the seafood scampi at Da U Batti (in Santa Margherita Ligure) last summer. I can't get it out of my mind. If anyone can provide an approximate recipe for the dish I woul...

December 2017–February 2018 Baking Cookbook of Month: CLASSIC GERMAN BAKING

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 1 year ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the Winter BCOTM, CLASSIC GERMAN BAKING by Luisa Weiss. We'll be baking together from this book in December 2017 and January and February 2018. HOW TO POST RE...