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Pashka and booze?

by StevietheFish 10 minutes ago

I was looking at pashka recipes last night (seven - three Russian, three Finnish, one Estonian), and none of them includes an alcohol. I've looked on the internet, and a couple add brandy, or a liq...

Chocolate eggnog recipe /Chocolatier

by IrishAyes721 22 minutes ago

hello, I've been desperately looking for the chocolate eggnog recipe that was posted in an issue of Chocolatier magazine many years ago. I thought I had every issue ever published but I can't seem...

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Archaic Tin Sizes?

by StevietheFish 22 minutes ago

I was reading a cookbook of my mother's, The Gold Cookbook, by Louis P. de Gouy, the 1951 reprint. It's fascinating reading. Much of it would strike many today as not only unfashionable, but also u...


Leftover chili water

by Fritz 16 hours ago

from steeping chili peppers. I have a cup or 2. Freeze? Fridge? Toss.? Or add to.

Sausage Makers

by jammy 2 hours ago

Would you go for nylon or aluminum stuffing tubes? I've only used the kitchenaid attachments in the past and made a major upgrade this summer.

Help! I want to can mole sauce

by smdsea 7 years ago

Hi all. I really want to make a bunch of mole to can for yummy dinners all winter. Does anyone know of a good recipe that has been tried in a canner?

Weekly Menu Planning December 2019

by MidwesternerTT 21 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in December. It's helpful if you can include your location and how many people you are feeding. Links to recipes are always ...


Holiday meal - venison + ... salmon?

by becwells 3 days ago

We are hosting 10 folks for Christmas and I have a myriad of food sensitivities/preferences to take into account. At the moment I'm leaning towards Saveur's spice-rubbed venison loin as well as Ma...

What’s for Dinner #434 (December 2019) - Fall/Winter

by sallyt 13 days ago

Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - with our modifications noted. What's for Dinner? Phot...


Making a sweet and salty snack mix for Christmas tins

by tea1970 22 hours ago

I have some itty bitty pretzels and salted pistachios. I was thinking of putting in some red and green chocolate m&m’s and wondered how tiny homemade oatmeal cookie “bites” would be? Also, any sugg...

Holiday Treats 2019

by sallyt 8 days ago

Hi everyone, let's talk about making candy, cookies, treats, etc. for yourself, family, friends and neighbors, whatever your cause for celebrating may be! ANY kind of edible treat is fair g...

My chocolate is too thick...

by twodales 12 years ago

Can I thin it with a bit of liquor ? It's dark chocolate and I want to use it in a mold. Thanks all.

made tamales this weekend...

by withalonge 14 years ago

they turned out pretty well. I stewed about 12 pounds of pork shoulder with cumin, garlic, onions, carrots in beef stock. then shredded w/ ancho chili, oregano & more stock thickened with a littl...

Holiday Open House ideas

by prima 12 days ago

It's been a few years since I last hosted a Holiday Open House. This was my standard menu for a few years: Lemon basil shrimp skewers Baked brie Bacon-wrapped dates Stuffed mushrooms (with sw...

Fall Quarter 2019 Baking Cookbook of the Month: THE BAKING BIBLE

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 2 months ago

Welcome to our Fall Quarter 2019 Baking COTM, THE BAKING BIBLE by Rose Levy Beranbaum, running from October through December 2019. We’ll use this thread for all reports and discussion of recipes in...


January 2020 Cookbook of the Month NOMINATIONS!

by ad7yn 6 days ago

Hello! The ber months do fly fast! What book will we use to start 2020? We would also need a new COTM coordinator for the the first quarter of 2020. Please let me know if you are interested in v...

LATKES - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, December 2019

by masha 13 days ago

Welcome to our Reporting Thread for our December 2019 Dish of the Month (“DOTM”). For those new to our DOTM series, the purpose of this thread is to encourage hounds to prepare the selected dish t...

March 2019 COTM Cravings: Hungry for More - Breakfast & Brunch, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches

by islandmermaid 10 months ago

Welcome to Chrissy Teigen Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of CRAVINGS: HUNGRY FOR MORE - BREAKFAST & BRUNCH, page 11 SOUPS, page 42 SALAD...