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Wine Cellars of the Rich and Fictional

After bagging on Food & Wine in a previous post, it seems only fair to point out their highly entertaining “Three Inspiring Cellars” feature from this month’s issue. READ MORE

Lobstah Impostah

Think you’re getting the real Maine deal in that fast-food snack? Shredded crab meat is more like it, says Maine senator Olympia Snowe. READ MORE

Say Cheese!

Calling all food stylists —Foodography 10, a photo contest for food bloggers, is now open. READ MORE


Gilt-Free Cooking

CHOW interviews bad-boy chef Paul Liebrandt, recently let go from NYC's Gilt restaurant, now striking out on his own. READ MORE

Fried Chicken, Frozen Custard, and Barbecue

Great fried chicken in Raleigh, authentic frozen custard at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market, and barbecue in East Goldsboro with depth and complexity. READ MORE


CHOW throws our version of Oktoberfest: Moktoberfest! All the great beers, but better food. READ MORE

Garbage Disposal Claims Pristine Image Sullied by Bloody Scene

Sort of sounds like a headline from The Onion, doesn’t it? But it’s not a joke. READ MORE

Food Magazines: Out with the Old?

Have old-school food rags like Gourmet and Food & Wine turned into over-commercialized cheerleaders for the luxe life? The eating readers debate at Chowhound. READ MORE

Viva Sous-Vide!

The controversial French practice of cooking vacuum-sealed food at low temperatures yields stellar results. READ MORE

Apple Fritters with Cointreau Chestnut Milkshake

Bistro 1689 is a nice, French-Californian place that serves things like yummy lamb chops and roast duck breast with roasted figs and spinach, says susancinsf. Entrees are in the $20 range. But the stand-out dish is one of the desserts–perfectly fried, READ MORE