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Filipino Finds

The super-friendly, family-owned Filipino restaurant Alejandro’s has a great crew in the kitchen, says grc, including chefs from the well-regarded, now defunct Barrio Fiesta. Alejandro’s, which has been open about six months, is a good place to get a ra READ MORE

New Salvadoran

Platano is a brand new Salvadoran place. The space is partially unfinished, but their kitchen is already up and running and producing excellent food, reports maus1. ... READ MORE

Fishy Eggs

Ikura is salmon roe, those glistening orange globes you see on “gunkan,” the seaweed wrapped cylinders of rice topped with roe. If you’re buy salmon roe, look for sugiko, where the eggs are enclosed in the egg sac. They’ve been salted and/or brined in soy READ MORE


If you’ve ever tasted a mangosteen, the memory of this sweet/tart fruit with plump juicy segments, will haunt you. Yes, it’s that good and, until recently, not available on the mainland of the U.S. ... READ MORE

Pesto Ideas

Here are some ideas, beyond pasta and panini, for using basil pesto to its most delicious advantage. ... READ MORE

Custardy, Buttery Goodness in Newark’s Ironbound

For the little Portuguese custard tarts called pasteis de nata, it’s hard to beat Teixeira’s Bakery in the Ironbound, says marachino: “Creamy, sweet filling and buttery, crisp shell–all perfectly and ever-so-slightly caramelized on top. And a bargain READ MORE

At Two Manhattan Newcomers, Chinese Breads on the Rise

Chinese breads and buns might just be poised for crossover success at two new downtown spots. Province Chinese Canteen in Tribeca makes a flatter, sandwich-friendly version of the steamed wheat-flour rounds called mantou, toasts them on the griddle, then READ MORE


A new soul food joint has popped up near LAX. Chicken fried steak lovers, take note: The CFS here is supposed to be delicious, says BobMack, even if you have to take it down the street to the park to eat it. OK, there are a couple of tables, but it’s no READ MORE

Eye-Popping, Brain-Freezing Ice Creams

You won’t find spicy mango, tamarind, or spicy watermelon popsicles in your average whitebread supermarket ice-cream aisle. But they’re at La Mich, a homey little Mexican ice-cream spot that opened two months ago, made fresh on the premises, says dette. READ MORE


Tlaquepaque is a sit-down Mexican restaurant offering both taqueria fare and platillos. Their carnitas are glorious, says Alice Patis–little shreds of very juicy meat, a bit of fat, and quite a few dark brown crunchy bits. Order a carnitas burrito and READ MORE