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Virginia Chowconnaissance: Two Days in High Gear

There are three modes of dining: going to a known place, taking a random stab and hoping for the best, and chowconnaissance. READ MORE

The Continuing Saga of Chorizo Quest

For those just tuning in, rworange is in the process of checking out the chorizo at all the Mexican markets from Richmond to Pinole. ... READ MORE

Go See Al

An excellent option for locally grown produce is Al’s Fruit Stop, says Melanie Wong. “Celebrity” tomatoes, grown organically in a Geyserville garden, are $1.50 a pound. Al also has locally grown lemon cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes. ... READ MORE

Stealth Fries at Cafe Mogador in the East Village

Cafe Mogador makes killer french fries, but you won’t find them on the menu among the tagines, kababs, hummus, and other Moroccan and Mediterranean chow, says Wallace Stevens. ... READ MORE

Patisserie Colson: Belgian-Style Bites in Park Slope

Park Slope’s Patisserie Colson got off to an uneven start this summer, but hounds report more hits than misses–and some of the hits rock. ... READ MORE

Korean Ramen’s Deadly Kick

How do Koreans like their ramen? Scorchingly spicy, that’s how. If you’ve only tasted the dried stuff, then you should try the new branch of a Korean ramen chain, Teumsae. How hot is it? According to the web site, “While two people eat it, nobody knows e READ MORE

Tasting Morocco at Tagine

Tagine has started offering a tasting menu, with a modern take on traditional Moroccan fare. globalgourmet says that the food is excellent. ... READ MORE

Why Won’t My Lentils Lighten Up?

If your lentils (or other legumes) never get soft when you cook them, they’re probably just too old. ... READ MORE

Jazzing Up Refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls

When the craving for hot-from-the-oven cinnamon buns is insatiable, some chowhounds turn to refrigerated rolls in a tube for an instant fix. But some hounds have learned to spruce up those instant rolls. ... READ MORE

Keeping Chocolate Around

Keeping chocolate around can be tricky. It’s got to be cool, and away from any odors that it might pick up. Oh, and you’ve got to hide it from everybody else, of course. ... READ MORE